Baking Soda for Cleaning

4 Different Ways you can Use Baking Soda for Cleaning

If you have been quite obsessed with the cleaning tutorials online, you must have found how much cleaning experts love the baking. Not to mention, the baking soda is one of the most favorite cleaning ingredient along with the other primary ones. This cheap box of awesomeness is no less than a cleaning royalty in the cleaning industry. Whether you are wondering How to Clean a Sofa or even your dishwasher, the answer is simply in this not-so-expensive ingredient. So let’s dig in and discover that how many different ways the baking soda can be used for cleaning;

Freshen Your Dishwasher

Yeah you need it for sure. Trust me, you can’t say no as you know how much stink a dishwasher carries for obvious reasons. All you need to do is just sprinkle in a cup of baking soda into the bottom of your dishwasher. You will have to leave it overnight and simply clean it in the morning. During the night, baking soda should have eradicated all the possible stink that was piled up for no reason.

Fruits and Vegetable

Don’t say, “Like Seriously”. Yes it’s used to clean and freshen up the fruits and veggies as well. All you need to do is. Simply add 2 table spoons of baking soda in the spray bottle and fill it proportionally with water. Just sprinkle the solutions upon fruits and vegetable. Once you are done with this, simply rinse and leave it till dry. This is truly an amazing solution can could ever be used to clean the edibles.

For sure, we cannot rely upon the other commercial cleaning solutions to clean the vegetables. If you are not convenient with the spray. Simply just sprinkle the baking soda onto the fruits and vegetables, and simply wash and rinse it with water. Keep it then until it dries.

Cleaning the Sofa

Have you ever thought that an ingredient like baking soda could ever be used to clean the sofa? You know what, cleaning champs did. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why this amazing ingredient has turned out to be so useful for eradicating any possible smell and dirt out of the sofa. All you need to do is. Just sprinkle the baking powder all over the surface of the sofa. Make sure you sprinkle it finely and don’t leave any edge or end. Let it sit for few hours so that it perfectly react with the stubborn particles and fetches them off. Then you can simply use vacuum over it.

Socks Drawer/Shoe Closet

For obvious reasons, the sock drawer and the shoe closets turn out to be stinky in the end. And it’s not that easy to have these two spots being fragrant. In that case, you are simply suppose get the small pot and fill with baking soda and some essential oil. Just place that small pot into your shoe closet or socks drawer and there you go. It will not only eradicate any possible smell but also will make it smell good.

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