Avantika Express

The Avantika Express – Connecting Mumbai and Indore

The Indian Railways have a widespread network connecting the most remote corners of the country. This is instrumental in the conduction of trade and the exchange of services. The drive to continuously provide excellent transport services through efficient and cost-effective means has led to many innovations that have added feathers to IR’s cap. The widespread railway transport network has also helped in incrementing the financial conditions of some remote areas through the tourism that is induced by the new-found connectivity. Pilgrimages have also become easier due to the easy railway transport to those regions. This has also led to the promotion of cultural harmony in most areas of the country. The Avantika Express facilitates a direct connection between the states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.


  • The train has been named ‘Avantika Express’ after ‘Avanti’ which is the former name of the ancient city ‘Ujjain’, which resides on the banks of the river Kshipra and is a hub of beautiful temples. It is near Indore.
  • The Avantika Express is of great prominence as it is one of the only 3 trains that connect Mumbai with Indore. The other two trains are the Indore Duronto Express and the Indore-Pune Superfast Express.
  • It comes under the purview of Western Railways and the train commenced its first journey on 1st May 1985.

About the train

  • Since the inception of online tracking of train routes and schedules, the train running information for Avantika Express can be obtained very easily. It is also possible to procure previous train history to know the approximate departure and arrival times.
  • It departs from Mumbai Central station in Mumbai (Maharashtra) with the train number 12961 and arrives at Indore Railway Station in Madhya Pradesh. The train gets a train number of 12962 on its way back.
  • It is a superfast express with a daily schedule of service.
  • The train covers a distance of 829 km with a speed of 59.57 km/hr on its journey from Mumbai, and a speed of 60.29 km/hr on its way back. This reduces the time to 13 hours 45 minutes downwards as opposed to 13 hours 55 minutes upwards.
  • There are 19 stops between the two cities. The route followed by the train includes shorts stops of 2 minutes at Borivali, Valsad, Navsari, Ankleshwar Junction, Bharuch, Godhra, Dahod, Meghnagar, Thandla Road, Bamnia, Khachrod, Nagra, and Dewas. It has a medium duration stop of 5 minutes Surat. The longest halts are of 10 minutes at Vadodara Junction, Ratlam Junction, and Ujjain Junction.

Technical Specifications of the train

  • The train provides luxurious travel as passengers can opt for 1st AC first class, 2-tier AC, and 3-tier AC coaches. Those who wish for a cheaper travel are also provided with comfortable travel in 12 Sleeper class coaches. People who travel without reservations can accommodate themselves in the 4 General class coaches. There is no pantry coach in this train.
  • DC electric conversion to AC was completed by Western Railways for the Avantika Express on 5th February 2012. WAP5 or WAP4E Vadodara based locomotive engines are regularly used to haul the train.

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