Markets of Delhi

Markets of Delhi: A tale of culture and confluence

Being the capital of the country, the city of Delhi sees people from all over the place. The intermixing of cultures is a sight to behold and this mix is reflected in the culture around the city. If you are tired of the monotony of Mumbai and want to experience what ideal cultural intermingling looks like, head on over to Delhi. The places where one can find a great harmony amongst people and coexistence unlike others; are markets. One can check for Mumbai Delhi flights schedule and book flights and hotels accordingly and also plan out a proper trip. There are many markets in and around Delhi and some notable ones are:

Dilli Haat: A clean and a very systematic market that is completely opposite to the otherwise topsy-turvy market of Chandni Chowk is the Dilli Haat. It is a handicraft destination for one and all and one can find a good amount of items which can add some sheen in one’s homes. This market is amongst the best places to visit around Delhi and one can come here with kids and expose them to the different cultures of the country. Learn more about the traditional arts and crafts from different parts and pick up more facts about the speciality of each state and spend some good time to pick out something that will make the experience memorable. This place is for people who are inclined towards handicrafts and souvenirs. If you are in the mood to try different delicacies, then you can delight yourself in cuisine from over 20 different states.

Delhi Spice Market: It is often a very little known fact that the largest spice market in Asia is, in fact, located in Delhi. There are many things one can do in Delhi; however, this one takes the cake. It is a completely different type of activity, which is fun and filled with frolic. One can take a walk through colourful hidden streets of ‘Dilli’. It might be famous for its wide variety of spices and seasonal nuts, but apart from this, you can get almost everything in this small street. One can feel the aroma of various spices lingering in the air of this market. From spices to a rich variety of dry fruits- you will get everything here. Indian wedding shopping is also a common sight in this market as feasts are prepared in humongous quantities and the amount of spices one needs is a lot. It is a delightful place for anyone to come and walk through and photographers have a special affection for this place. The huge sacks of spices and their colours make for a great photo opportunity. One can experience what was once a place through which great rulers and different eras of people passed through.

Delhi is a place where the old meets the new and where cultures collide to form the crux of this city. These markets are just a glimpse into the lives of people who have called Delhi a home for the past few generations.


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