Веst іРаd Νеws Аррs tо Fоllоw thе Lаtеst Неаd lіnеs

іРаd Νеws Аррs

We thought we’d bring you a special report that illustrates the best ways to consume news on your iPad, whether you’re hungry for the latest news or just trying to recover the events of the week. Here is the scoop.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard is no longer the most beloved application it meant to be, but remains one of the best ways to read breaking news in Hindi and stories on the iPad. The style of magazine design, flipping mechanism and the unique style of the publications add a really enjoyable reading news experience.

Flipboard has its own curated categories for things like technology and politics. You can also subscribe to a number of publications looking for them. You can also connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to see what your friends share, using the famous Flipboard design.

  1. Apple news

The Apple News app is still available in only a handful of countries (unless you use an alternative solution). From the iOS 10 update, Apple News is really very good. He had a much-needed visual upgrade (similar to updating the Music app for iOS 10) and custom content for the Apple News app looks nice.

  1. Shortpedia

The application is minimal, clean and in horizontal mode, you get a UI of two panels. This makes it really easy to scroll through the list of items in a folder with the left finger and move the item to the right. The application also comes with a gentle and dark mode. Links open directly into your application so you do not lose your place and you can tap the icon at the top to expand a compiled feed item without opening the web page. There are shortcuts to mark multiple items such as beds or unread. You can also subscribe to feeds and manage your subscriptions in the application.

  1. News 360

News360 is a news aggregator, similar to Flipboard. Its design is much more immersive and images take on all the power. If you are a visual person, you will like News360, although the interface does not feel just as good as the Flipboard. Scroll horizontally between the pages when you’re in the feed, but when you’re in an article, you still have to scroll vertically, like a blog.

When you start using the application, you can select topics that interest you and the app will complete the feed. News360 also has its own article reader display so you can get a unique reading experience, regardless of the source. The only problem is that, usually, the application only uploads an extract from the article and requires this latest news app download.

  1. Tweetbot 4

It has a special way to view the timeline links and you can enable an option in the settings to directly open any item in Safari reading mode. Each time you use the Tweetbot browser, you can move from the left border to return to the feed. This combination of features makes it easy to read articles from multiple sources in one format.

  1. Nuzzel

Nuzzel does something like the Tweetbot Links function. When you link your Twitter and Facebook accounts with Nuzzel, the app shows the most shared stories from your network at the top. The theory is that if half a dozen people sharing the same article on Twitter or Facebook, you may also need to be concerned (since you choose to follow those people first).

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