12 steps to hire & train part time maids for the best housecleaning experience

steps to hire & train part time maids

Good housekeeping skills aren’t an accident but a result of ongoing efforts and learning. Efficient part time maids in Dubai harness abilities that develop with time and while most people are aware on how to clean their homes, many simply disregard specific techniques that distinguish a good housekeeping to an exceptional.

To hire and train part time maids in Dubai is a responsibility as it takes into account the person you’ll eventually be dealing with, their feelings, mood, needs, duties and rights. In-short, the very term “one size don’t fit all” fits here perfectly. For starters and even experts, the step-by-step guide would help them with basic hiring and training of housekeepers so it’s definitely worth a read!

  1. Only prefer hiring a housekeeper recommended by someone you know such as neighbour, relative, friend, work colleague so on.
  2. Do run a background check using previous employees as references.
  3. Ask the total time/term the housecleaner has worked for the previous clients. The longer the term, more the reliability. Do remember that part time maids in Dubai would eventually look after your family as well.
  4. Question about the expected salary and compare it with previous client including number of total tasks per the cost!
  5. Determine the number of days per week you expect her to work but do hear from their side as well. For instance some would work from Monday till Saturday whereas a few, more professional ones also cater their services on Sunday but on a higher fee.
  6. The basic/common household chores include cleaning the home, cooking, do the laundry, ironing, making bed and even grocery shopping.
  7. Keep the element of “respect” prominent! Make sure the housekeeper treats you all with respect and give her the same homage in return.
  8. Monitor how the maid interacts with your children and other family members for communication makes a lot of difference.
  9. Make a list of “things to do” and what to avoid thus ensuring its being looked upon from the very first day. It can be anything like what to eat from the fridge while working and quantity. If you’re buying something to eat, be sure to ask the preference.
  10. The moment part time house maids in Dubai arrive, allow them wearing a proper uniform; you may buy a pair for your housekeeper for different tasks such as one for usual cleaning, another for deep cleaning tasks so as to keep the element of personal hygiene intact.
  11. If it’s the usual housekeeper and not associated with any company, buy cleaning supplies yourself and make sure they use it correctly and in the right quantity.
  12. Dedicate the first week in supervising the maid and guide as things are being managed. If you neglect doing so from the start, it’ll create problem later. Once the keeper is accustomed to the rules, you’ll have a less hard time!


So, good luck in finding, hiring, training and keeping part time maids for a long-term which is possible only after following the above steps.

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