4 Best Emirati Eateries in Dubai

best Emirati eateries in Dubai

“From Pakistani & Peruvian to Iranian & Ethiopian; finding authentic UAE cuisine can be tricky but worth it!”

The traditional Emirati culinary is best experienced of you’re lucky to participate in a country-wide celebration or invited to a local’s home for dinner. However, the trend is changing with initiation of the many new Emirati restaurants all across the UAE with Dubai being exceptional!

Traditional Emirati cuisine is based on hearty meat dishes with a catch of seafood from the Arabian Peninsula served mostly with rice and flatbread. Bezar; a combination of roasted and grounded cumin, coriander, cinnamon and turmeric, is added to whatever’s in the menu whereas many restaurants in Dubai have their culinary heritage from India and Iran who left their undeniable footprint in the region.

The chain of new eateries goes beyond the traditional menu but the chicken tikka stuffed breads and camel sliders are a fusion of Emirati cuisine to experience commonly.

  1. Aseelah for contemporary cooking

With tender camel sliders and date-stuffed chicken roulade to take a bite from, Aseelah serves some of the most exciting dishes taking on the local culinary style and taste. Old-school favourite chefs are never forgotten here especially the master chef Uwe Micheel who spent years amidst the Emirati families and honed his recipes with marinated prawns and aseeda bobar (pumpkin pudding) being the best of all.

  1. Al-Fanar best for authentic savours

If you like a loud and fun-filled spot with lots of food and bright décor that depicts the pre-oil days, Al-Fanar is just the place. It’s amazing how one of the most modern locations in Dubai; the Festival City Mall boasts a restaurant designed like an old courtyard! Besides food, the eatery is famous for its buzzing atmosphere and for some the waxworks are nothing but inspirational. If it’s the first-time you’re visiting, try chicken machboos (a spicy rice dish) and the juicy naghar mashwi (grilled squid).

  1. Al-Tawasol for home-style cooking & cosy ambiance

Since 1999, Al-Tawasol in Deira is run by a local family and visited by many being famous for home-style food and exotic taste. The main dining area comprises a long and neat carpet bearing typical Arabian design with many different dishes lined up at the centre. When here, you’re recommended to try mandi; a Yemeni dish adopted all across the Arabian Peninsula consisting meat (chicken, beef or lamb) and served with aromatic white rice.

  1. The Majlis for a feast of pure camel milk

Embedded with complex mashrabiya (wooden lattice screens) and a cerulean-tiled fountain; The Majlis at Dubai Mall is above all the restaurants in Dubai. It’s a café in actual known best for succulent coffee, shakes, cakes and ice-cream made from pure camel milk. A prominent marker of the Bedouin diet until the mid-20th century, the entire menu is rich in vitamins and minerals and low on fat being the best alternative to typical cow’s milk. Do try camelccino; café’s very own exotic blend of Ethiopian beans in combination with pistachio éclair.


Have your taste buds delighted at one or all from the list of best restaurants in Dubai.

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