5 Proven SEO Growth Hacking Techniques for Your Small Business

In this digital era where more businesses are coming online, the competition is getting harder. The majority of the small businesses are facing problems in generating high-quality leads to boost their sales. To rise above the competition and outperform competitors, small businesses need powerful SEO growth hacking techniques to thrive online.

In this article, we will have a look at the top five proven SEO services growth hacking techniques that will help you generate more traffic and leads for your business.

1. Mobile-friendly website

Most business owners don’t focus on the overall user experience of their website and it affects their SEO in a negative way. Having a mobile-friendly website is a major ranking factor and no business owner can ignore this. As more customers are coming online and shopping from their smartphones, it becomes important to have a mobile-optimized site.

If you are adding new landing pages or product pages to your site, make sure they all are optimized for mobile devices. It will not only help you boost your SEO but also help you generate more leads through mobile channels.

2. Focus on content clusters

For those who don’t know content clusters are small yet complete smaller topics that support your long-form content. It’s like internal linking of your pages but it derives more value to the readers as they get to know about linked topics in a much better way. For example, if you have written a long-form blog of 5000 words, then you will create smaller topics for internal linking with the main one.

This newer concept in SEO is highly efficient and will help you generate more traffic. Along with traffic, the search bots will also be able to crawl your pages with higher efficiency.

3. Focus on your website loading speed

If a website takes more than three seconds to load, the bounce rate increases drastically. It is because, majority of people use their smartphones to browse the Internet, and no one likes to wait for a page to load with delay. So, to thrive online and outperform your small business competitors, you need to have a fast loading website.

You can use any free tool like Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check the loading speed of your website on both desktop and mobile versions. If there are any additional resources that are making your site slower, consider removing them.

4. UX matters for better rankings

Along with quality content, Google and other search engines reward websites that have a compelling UX. User experience can be made better by improving the navigation, site’s speed, fewer redirections, seamless checkout process, and much more.

To improve the UX, you need to first implement schema markup on your site to organize the architecture in a better way. It will help both users and search engines to find relevant information in the fastest way.

5. Optimize your Meta tags

Many business owners keep updating their content of pages or blogs, but that’s not enough. To make sure you get the maximum traction from the search engines, you also need to optimize the Meta tags with relevant keywords and information. This smart growth hack will boost your organic traffic for sure and your site will rank for better positions.

On the other hand, if you feel that the alt tags of images need to be changed as per the updated content, then do it. Google and other search engines always prefer to show the newest and most relevant content to their users, and this will help you.

These were the top five best tips to experience exponential growth for your business. Follow these simple tips and offer better services to your customers and generate more sales.

Author: Veronika

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