6 Types of dresses you must have in your wardrobe

Kaftan Dress

With the evolving Indian fashion industry, there are various changes in haute coutures. We are happily embracing the old traditional outfits to western styles as well. There are Indo-western fusions which are a big hit nowadays. With online dresses easily available in a high range of different styles and designs, everything is on the fingertips.

Here are certain types of dresses that every woman should have in her fashion arsenal:

  1. Little Black Dress

There can be a multitude of dresses in this world, but none of them is as powerful and popular as little Black Dress. Be it your best friend’s bachelorette party or first date with the handsome guy sits next to you in the office, LBD will keep everything up for you.  This LBD can do wonders for you and grab all the attention for all the right reasons.


online dresses

  1. Kaftan Dress

Women Kaftans are a big time trend nowadays. Be it Kaftans dresses or tops, they  are super comfy and give you cool, casual look. A kaftan dress fits loose and is usually made in flowy fabrics with flared sleeves. They are best for lazy day outs and the best part is, while you’ll glamorous, you’ll also be entirely comfortable.

Kaftan Dress

  1. Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the basic staple for comfort and style and every woman should have in her wardrobe. If you’re rising tall and wearing short dresses make you feel exposing, Maxi dresses are made solely for you. Go for the long flared ones for casual days. They are available in a wide array of long, short and midi length. You can easily match them with a pair of ankle boots and a leather jacket in winters.

Maxi Dress

  1. Off Shoulder Dress

Be it off the shoulder or long maxi, online dresses are easily available at IndiaRush in a wide array. Off-shoulder dresses are the kind of dresses that flaunt your skin with elegance and give you a classy look. With sleeves either across your arms or no sleeves at all, they make your shoulders and collar bones be the focal point of attraction.

Off Shoulder Dress

  1. Shirt Dress

The clothing & fashion industry is keeping it updated every now and then. The shirts are always being a part of trends and with the vivacious collection of shirt dresses available in the market, shirt dresses are a must have dress in every girl’s closet. They are the ones when you’re in no mood of wearing dresses. You can pair them up with leather or waist belts for the chic look.

Shirt Dress

  1. Backless Dresses

Backless remains constant and will never go out of fashion.  They can be of many types and styles. As per your comfort and confidence you can choose the length from the back side of the dress. The backless looks stunning and gets you a whole lot of attention. They will flow with your figure and look mouth gapingly hot.

Shirt Dress

Have these dresses in your wardrobe, wear them confidently and conquer the world!

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