7 things you can only buy with a valid Bulgarian Citizenship

Bulgarian Citizenship

For a country that’s rather modern, Bulgaria perfectly manages preserving its tradition and this is the reason you’ll find unusual looking items and unknown local culinary when strolling the countryside and marketplaces. If you’re a collector, here’s what you can buy only with a valid Bulgaria citizenship;

  1. Kuker mask

Kukeri is a winter festival that’s celebrated all across the country during the month from January to March. The tradition has all it takes to break the silence with loud jingle produced by hundreds of heavy bells. The ritual requires all participants to dress-up like furry monsters as a means to scare evil spirits and welcome spring season. Contributors usually craft their own masks or use one belonging to their ancestors however; you can find spectacular ornate pieces in different souvenir shops as well as wood-carving ateliers.

  1. Bring home Sharena sol (mixed herbs)

For those who wish to experience the true taste of Bulgaria, Sharena sol appears in top of the list. It’s a mix of local herbs important for the preparation of many Bulgarian dishes which is much like thyme, pepper, salt, fenugreek, salt and red peppers.

In famous tourists spots, finding small jars of Sharena sol is easier as all the ingredients are neatly arranged in accurate quantity, a perfect blend of different colours that also make an incredible gift. This is among the best things you can enjoy only with a Bulgaria citizenship.

  1. Rose oil & different cosmetics

Bulgaria’s known as world’s top producer and exporter of rose oil and many different cosmetic products made from the flower. If you’re lucky enough visiting Bulgaria in June, the Rose Valley near the city of Kazanlâk is the place where traditional Rose Festival is hosted. The air is full of fresh and sweet scent of the flower as well as rose oil being a symbol of Bulgaria.

  1. Gyuveche

Gyuveche refers to a small clay pot with a lid which is placed within the oven for cooking the dish. Meat, different vegetables and cheese is put in the pot and cooked which is then served to the guests. You may buy the cooking pot at different souvenir shops, kitchenware sellers and local vendors.

  1. The Chushkopek

Bulgarian families as well as those settled in the country with a valid Bulgaria citizenship have this particular and rather unusual appliance at home! Chushkopek which actually means a pepper-baker is used for the very purpose that is baking peppers in the home which are then kept in jars or frozen to be used later.

  1. The Lyutenitsa

Lyutenitsa is a traditional culinary delight of Bulgaria and this is a must-have for everyone to take back home. It’s a mix of spiced tomato and pepper spread which is sold in jars that’s served as a side dish with grilled meat or, you can simply spread it on a bread slice like butter. Lyutenitsa is widely available in almost every supermarket across Bulgaria.

  1. The folklore costume

Although, it has long been long since Bulgarian worn their traditional costume, they did turned into valuable possession. Many Bulgarians as well as tourists visit small villages and buy their own collection of costumes. So if you want one, you’ll need exerting extra effort in finding the right seller or, you can simply buy a new embroidered shirt. You can even keep it light by taking a plain shirt to a creative design studio where they work with traditional ornaments for a stylised look.


It’s about time you did something different with Bulgaria citizenship like the things listed above while enjoying sightseeing.

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