8 steps to find an Excellent Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic

We live in a world where only a few people know of their vehicle’s working and mechanism which is why finding the right person to keep the car up and running is extremely important. Let’s have a look at some easy steps on how you can find a reliable car mechanic in Dubai.

  1. Look for authentic automotive certifications as some good mechanics are actually ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified indicating their industrial proficiency and expertise. It’s a good indicator to know how dedicated a technician is towards learning new things. Still, there’re highly qualified technicians out there who choose not to take the exam but it doesn’t mean they’re unreliable.
  2. Affiliations can be helpful such as AAA certifies local repair shops after careful assessment of their credentials as well as corporate policies. They also have a list of relevant shops on their website which is a big help in finding the right car mechanic in Dubai as well as other places.
  3. Ask your colleagues, family members and usual friends if they know some good car mechanic. You’ll come to know that many good and professional mechanisms spent less time in marketing their services and rely only on word of mouth to generate their business.
  4. Online reviews nowadays are a big help so you can read reviews of both satisfied and unsatisfied customers when looking for an auto mechanic or any other service. Don’t take any firm decision based on reviews but research further for credibility.
  5. Also explore the overall repairs procedure the labour time and cost. You can do it either online or by actually visiting different auto-repair shops. However, internet is a well-accepted means to provide “sanity checks” on different factors such as price, time to complete certain repairs and total time to be incurred.

Know that prices differ significantly per the location, shops and model of the car. Good mechanics come out clear with their service charges without keeping any essential details so that you may take a firm decision conveniently.

  1. Visiting many different auto-repair garages and shops is a traditional yet highly reliable approach that guaranteed above 90-percent precision in landing an exceptional car mechanic in Dubai. When visiting the facility, look for cleanliness, organisation of equipment and how repairmen are treating certain vehicles so as to know their dedication and expertise.
  2. Take notice of the overall make, quantity and quality of other cars after they’re kept in the facilities post-service. A full-chocked garage or auto-repairs facility isn’t a bad indication but somehow indicate scope and breadth of work at their end.
  3. Always weigh cost with convenience and overall repairs service. This is extremely important so that you actually pay for what you get and neither below nor above the mark. In fact, just a high-tech garage advanced machinery doesn’t guarantee 100-percent success.


The above steps help in finding an excellent car mechanic in Dubai and have your precious vehicles being treated carefully and in the right hands.

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