Alluring Getaways from the City of Nizams

City of Nizams

The City of Nizams, Hyderabad is the capital of the newly officiated state of Telangana in southern India. The city, despite being a pearl and diamond popper, is also an essential IT hub of India. From its heavenly biryanis to the mammoth Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad has a treat for every traveller. But the Hyderabadi treat isn’t limited within the walls of the city. Breach the limits, and explore what lies ahead.

In this section, an elusive list of the most sought after getaways from Hyderabad has been talked about. If visiting Hyderabad for the first time, it is suggested to stay for a night or two in the city to explore its spellbinding charm. The Oyo rooms Hyderabad can be banked upon for such an overnight stay, which would come cheap, yet utterly comfortable. Next, get ready to tour ahead of the city to one of these places mentioned here. Checkout!


For a wild expedition outside the limits of the royal city of Hyderabad, Adilabad is a town situated in the district of the same name. The town is home to two most famous wildlife sanctuaries in Hyderabad – the Kaval Wildlife Sanctuary and the Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary. These two are the ideal spots if one wishes to sight wild beings. Apart from the wilder side, Adilabad has mesmerizing sceneries with a stroke of greens and cascading waterfalls.


This is a perfect place for those who wish to explore a platter full of distinct options. Apart from having some historically significant monuments and structures, the city of Guntur also has a plethora of other options for the traveller. From parks, museums, rock cut caves, forts, monuments, nature conservation sites, to what not, this bustling destination is a perfect cure for that much awaited “package” holiday craving. Remember to spare out at least two days to explore Guntur.


This port city is roosted at the mouth of the Krishna River only preceding when it enters the Bay of Bengal. Machilipatnam was once a dynamic sea trade and fishing center, and now draws in guests for the sanctuaries and spots of religious noteworthiness that are found here. Additionally, on the city’s edges is the Manginapudi Beach- a pleasant fishing village. The waters of the shoreline are shallow and radiates a serenity, making the shoreline ideal for a peaceful day out.


A significant World Heritage Site, the village of Hampi is situated within the remains of the Vijayanagara Empire. The city is an ideal destination for the religious souls, for it houses a plethora of ancient Hindu temples. One can also indulge in some thrilling rock climbing in Hampi, which also makes it a decent adventure spot.

Belum Caves

Forget the tranquil meditational setups of the posh Hyderabad hotels, for the Belum Caves are a stark example of nature’s peaceful dwelling, in which Buddhist monks spent their tranquil hours of meditation. Expanding to some 3229 metres, the Belum Caves are the longest in India, and are a sheer delight to explore. The most striking feature of these caves is the Patalganga, a perennial stream that runs inside these caves. This is one mysterious trek!

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