Audi A6: Travel with class

Audi A6

Audi A6 is well renowned to be one of the leading segments in sales. The mid size luxury sedan has been engineered to cater to your needs and comfort. You cannot get enough of it. The choice of engine has been splendid since it does not lack in sportiness at all. The look and the spacious interior of the car has attracted a lot of buyers in the past and still continues to do so.

It has not changed much given the performance of the past few years. Although an emphasis and a bit tuning has been done to the engine to get much more power than before. It also promises some new safety features with a hint of technology. This car may be a bit out of budget fro some people. But stay still, you still can buy it without burning a whole in your pocket. Buying a used Audi is not as bad it seems. You get to buy a new luxury car for yourself and that definitely counts for something.

The quality of interior is commendable. Once you occupy this vehicle, you will just feel like home. The designers did a lot of hard work for you to be absolutely comfortable in this sedan. They wanted to define the real meaning of luxury and lived up to it. Audi has always been a car enriched in class. The aesthetically pleasing upholstery, trims and accents will go easy on your eye as well as make sure you are comfortable. The space in a car is directly linked with the comfort of the occupants. A6 is really spacious. It has enough legroom and headroom for both the people in the front as well as in the backseat. You can relax after a long day of work, thanks to the features like rear seat heating and massaging in front seats. Audi made sure that the families can enjoy their experience in this vehicle. LATCH anchors in the rear seats allow the kids to be safe and sit comfortably without any hassle. They have enough space to enter and get off the vehicle, making it a fun experience for them. For a large car, it is really easy to control. The performance and control all lies in the hands of the driver. It responds quickly on the sharp edged as well. You can choose from different modes based on the operation and the track the vehicle is moving on. When we talk about performance, the engines have to be in light. The 3.0 liter supercharged V6 has the power enough to produce 333-340 horsepower. You can feel the power of this car while driving it. What makes it different from its competitors is its state of the art technology. Audi has always been better than others when it comes to advancements. Even a standard A6 gets you rearview camera, parking sensors, three-zone climate control, 10 speakers, a moon roof and the MMI interface with Bluetooth and satellite radio, and whatnot. If you are still not impressed, then wait till you hear its innovative safety features. The automatic braking system coupled with the Night Vision Assistance, allows you to detect any obstacle or animal during the darkness. It even allows you to drive cautiously, making you and your family safe and secured.

Approved :plus is a service where you can buy used car from Audi. It helps the customer get a certified and warrantied used car, which will be as  good as new. It is one of the best customer interface that Audi has introduced.

Being a family guy, this sedan will suit your needs very well. You can enjoy its features and take care of the family simultaneously. Therefore go ahead and book your test drive now!

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