Bakers Gonna Bake: 5 Fundamental Baking Tools You Must-Have in Your Kitchen

Bakers Gonna Bake

Whether you are a passionate baker finding for ways to remove unnecessary items in your home’s kitchen or you are entirely new to the world of baking and searching for the standard equipment that you will need to get started, it’s crucial to know which tools you truly need. In that way, you can equip your kitchen with all the necessary baking tools.

You also equip yourself to manage whatever baking project you’d want to jump on and grab. Just like any pleasurable pastime, it’s easy to get ecstatic at buying superfluous baking accessories and appliances that may seem like essentials for any baker.

But to tell you honestly, there are many enticing baking tools that you don’t need. For a little help, check out the five essential baking equipment and accessories that can lead you to your desired pastry success.

A Rubber Kitchen Spatula 

Every drop of dough or batter counts when it comes to baking. That is why you need the help of a rubber kitchen spatula to clean the sides of your pans and bowls, guaranteeing that every last drop of batter or dough won’t stick on your baking equipment.

For the most part, you should have several rubber spatulas with different widths and sizes, but relying on the baking project that you’ll do, any rubber spatula will help you get the task done. Go for one-piece rubber spatulas, not those spatulas that have wooden handles and removable silicone head. One-piece spatulas are more hygienic and less liable to confining bacteria.

KitchenAid Mixer 

Though a KitchenAid stand electric mixer may cost a lot, it is truly a worthwhile investment that’ll surely last for a lifetime of doing various baking projects. Keep in mind to get a KitchenAid mixer that is right for your budget and kitchen, by that the possibilities are boundless.

But if a stand mixer feels or seems too much of a financial undertaking, which is completely understandable, then consider getting an electric hand mixer. Though it might have as much force as a KitchenAid stand electric mixer, it can certainly help you get most of your baking tasks done.

From baking cookies to icing to cakes, there are a handful of recipes that will not need you to pull out a stand electric mixer. If it’s okay with you, you can also opt to purchase special attachments, such as a spiralizer or a pasta maker, to expand the capabilities of this kitchen workhorse.


The truth is, those dry ingredients are not going to blend all by themselves. That is certainly true folks. But with the help of a whisk, you can easily mix those dry ingredients. Do you know what is great about using a whisk?

Bakers Gonna Bake

Well, using a whisk can make the process of combining dry ingredients much easier, plus it also integrates air, which is perhaps a vital addition for well-aerated, light pastries and baked goods. Though it’s not, in fact, considered baking, you can also take advantage of a whisk to cook the creamiest dish of scrambled eggs you have ever done and froth up an egg mixture.

Measuring Cups 

A generally known misinterpretation among bakers is that all component of concoction can be measured in one measuring cup. That is, without a doubt, untrue. Keep in mind that there are certain measuring cups intended for those dry ingredients and wet ingredients.

If you use the same cup, interchangeably for measuring dry ingredients and wet ingredients, this can lead to at least a quarter of cup discrepancy. Strictly speaking, it is not good to do such and could, without difficulty, screw up a recipe.

Please, don’t be that kind of a baker. For sure you know better than that. Be sure to equip your kitchen with measuring cups with visible marks to have more precise baking experience.

Baking Pans 

Baking Pans
Baking Pans

What satisfaction is it to have a flawless batter or dough if you have no container for which you can bake it in the oven? Instead of overpowering your home kitchen with chunks of baking pans that you will perhaps never use, go for the essentials.

By that we mean, having a baking pan with 9-x13-inch dimensions, a round baking pan that’s 9 inches, a glass pie pan, and a bundt pan. With these essentials on hand, you can likely get through most recipes.


Depending on the baking projects that you’ll do and the range of your recipes, there are essential items that you might want to invest your time and money. Some of the essential baking tools and accessories that your kitchen should have are rubber spatulas, KitchenAid mixer, whisk, measuring cups, and baking pans.

All five baking equipment can certainly help you have the best baking experience you can ever have. You can see a wide range of these products in any online stores such as Deal Wiki.


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