Big 2018 Trends in Men’s Fashion

If you guys are wanting to stay on trend this year, then you’ll need to know what’s hot for the upcoming 2018 seasons. Here are some of the looks that are likely to peak this year from what’s been spotted on the catwalks at the end of 2017:

Wide-Leg Trousers

Recent times have all been about the skinny look, but the looser fit style is set for a return to shops this year. Not that skinnies are going anywhere but roomier clothing is making a comeback. The wide-leg look works well with denim, but you can start slowly with a straight leg as an introduction. Turn-ups, black jeans and boots is a great stylish but comfortable look.

Retro-Style Sportswear

Sportswear is not going anywhere, and it’s been rising in popularity over the last few years. Known as athleisure, top brands have been revisiting the 1990s with their new sportswear ranges, including the likes of Adidas, Fila and Tommy Hilfiger. Expect to see matching two-piece tracksuits, zip-up nylon jackets and joggers in a variety of fabrics. For Mens Designer Clothes, visit

Cuban Collars

The Cuban collar shirt was everywhere last year, and that trend is here to stay. It’s no surprise as it’s a chic look. If you picked up a few shirts of this style last year, make sure you keep hold of them, especially if they have botanical prints and a Cuban collar. Wear with slim-fit jeans and a leather jacket for supreme casual style.

2018 Trends in Men’s Fashion

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Vertical Stripes

Stripes became very popular last year, offering large, chunky and colourful. Vertical stripes were everywhere at the London Fashion Week recently, seen on casual t-shirts and sophisticated tailoring. The striped look is very versatile, going with any style, colour or occasion.  “

Feel-Great Fabrics

Tactile fabrics are all the rage right now, appearing in force during 2017. Designers are all set for a touchy-feely 2018 too, with plenty of tactile fabrics on offer. Think suede, corduroy, wool and flannel to name just a few. These fabrics will quickly become wardrobe essentials, so hold on to them. The great thing about tactile fabrics is that they can easily be incorporated into existing pieces like bomber jackets with a suede finish.

Utility Wear

Fashion has, for a long time, been influenced by sport, workwear and the military but were individual styles. Designers have been working in recent seasons to produce garments that tick more than one of these boxes. As a result, there has been an increase in things like bellows pockets on everything from tailoring to men’s accessories. Men of today are putting more emphasis on what garments do rather than their appearance.


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