Get to know about the history of sending floral gifts

sending floral gifts

The tradition to send flowers to the beloved one is not something new, but is said to date back to pre-historic period. There have been discovered several cave dwellings and burials where flower fossils could be found. As a matter of fact, man’s fascination with flowers is known to be embedded in numerous cultures right from the start of human civilization. Archaeologists in recent years are known to have discovered skeletal remains of families that have been buried in soil together in an Iraqi cave, containing pollen of flowers. It is sufficient evidence of flowers being used to serve traditional purposes.

Used in tradition

Archaeologists and scientists have come across several clues that points flowers to be given as traditional gifts. It is quite the case of burials. On pollen that is discovered deep within the soil sediment among high concentrated batches, analysis has been conducted. It is undoubtedly further evidence of flowers being a tradition to be given on certain occasions. Also have been found several fossilized flowers within different dwellings. Some of them tend to have medicinal properties, making the scientists to believe that they are even given as a ‘get well soon’ present. Evidences are also found of flowers being gifted to others for expressing certain emotions or feelings. It is for numerous reasons that people have received and given flowers. Flowers are said to shower love, romance and happiness among the recipients. It completely changes the overall moods of the recipients and environment of the place. It also is useful to perform various types of rituals as well as for various types of observances.


It is quite clear through the artwork that is created in centuries of flowers being an essential part of traditional followed by different cultures. Some art form tends to depict usage of flowers. Also, there are many paintings, prints, pottering, art work and tapestries found showing flowers being used. It is a strong belief among the scientist community that the history and tradition of sending flowers goes back to centuries and several civilizations. Flowers of all types are presented as gifts to everyone and also used for special ceremonies. Its significance of being used for gifting others is said to have begun during 17th century. Women were gifted with various types and colours of flowers for expressing their love and feelings to them. Such is the growing importance of flower gifting that there have emerged numerous online gift sites that is known to keep wide range of flower collection to meet all choices, both seasonal and exotic ones. One can now easily send flowers to Dehradun or to any other place in the country or abroad without any hesitation or hassle.

Historians also have discovered that flowers were considered to be love’s language during Victorian era. There are some flowers such as roses of different types and colours that became quite popular to be offered as gifts. The other flowers that are used are to be worn as clothing and as adornment.

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