How to Level a Sloping or Sunken Floor

Level a Sloping or Sunken Floor

A floor sloping from one side to another with sags and dips can be a vexing, frustrating issue that is difficult to solve, and there are few specialists who are able to rectify it.

Level a Sloping or Sunken Floor

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Why a Floor Slopes

Before calling a contractor for an estimate, determine the reason your floor dips or slants in the first place.

A floor slope can sink by one to two inches and is more common in older homes. A slope could be caused by foundation problems that must be remedied by a foundation repair business. Here are a few possible causes.

•       Foundation footer has sunk

The problem could be that the foundation footer is sunken or subsided. Like with foundation issues, it is advisable to consult with foundation repair specialists. This portion of the home will need to be jacked up, and new footers will be installed. Foundation repair can set you back thousands of pounds.

•       Rotted sill

The wooden section of the house that sits on top of the foundation footer, known as the sill, could be deteriorated from dampness, rot or termites. It can be difficult to find specialists to undertake this type of work, so it is advisable to find a general contractor who can source suitable subcontractors for the job.


Level a Sloping or Sunken Floor

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Floor Sag Solutions

Your floor may be suffering from dips or sags at various points rather than a slope. The problem will likely be caused by the beams and joists below the floor rather than the foundations. Solutions can include:

•       Sistering

Sagging joists are jacked up until level and then sistered to remain straight once the jacks are taken away. Sistering is the technique of utilising two boards to support and correct the older board.

•       Adjustable steel columns

Placing adjustable steel columns beneath the joists to prop them up fixes sags and dips in the floor.

•       Bridging

Another solution is to lay new hardwood flooring over the current floor. A plywood subfloor can bridge minor dips, with engineered flooring such as that by fitted on top.

A levelling compound can also be added.

Alternatively, many homeowners accept their sloping or sunken floors, and there are some minor workarounds to try instead of undertaking expensive contractor projects, such as levelling individual pieces within the floor like armoires, tables and cabinets.

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