Importance and features of Cyberknife treatment

Cyberknife treatment

Various robotics radio surgery systems is now available in our treatment procedure, Cyberknife is one of those frameless treatments. It can treat the beginning tumors and malignant tumors. This is a method of delivering radiotherapy by targeting accurate treatment of tumor than any other standard radiotherapy. The main two elements of this process are the radiation producer from any small and particular accelerator. The second thing is a robotic arm which allows directing the energy from any direction for any part of our body.

The main features of Cyberknife system are it has various generations and in a developed way of any other stereotactic therapy. These advance radiotherapy equipment which is used by the oncologist or radio surgeons for making treatment of tumor at our body. Previously tumor treatment of very tough and painful for the patients and now it gets easy by cyberknife treatment. The cyberknife cost is quite high and only 30 centers are available for this treatment purpose. But cyberknife treatment cost in India is reasonable which is good for any type of patients for maintaining the injured tissue without any harm.

Several benefits of cyberknife treatment:

  • This process is painless for the patients.
  • For this surgery no requirement of anesthesia.
  • The incision is very less.
  • This process only treats the tumor not harm your body or health.
  • It is done on the outpatients’ basis. There is no need of longtime hospitalization.
  • The frameless basis treatment is very relaxing.
  • This surgery is very convenient.

This non-invasive surgery is good for the eradication of tumor. This robotic Radio surgery system offers new hope to the patients. It is relaxing for cancerous and non-cancerous both type of patients. You can do this treatment for cancer at any part of your body which is maybe for brain, liver, kidney, and spine.

In this surgery mainly two elements are very important those are robotic system and radiation process. The radiation process is at the particular accelerator. In this treatment, there is no need for any cutting procedure. Before this treatment people have to make a CT scan of their body under the high resolution at the observation of doctors. Here they get the information of tumor size, location, status, and shape. These all details are sending to the workstation of Cyberknife treatment system. For a successful and best surgery, those descriptions are very useful. According to the report, doctors decide the radiation dose for your tumor which does not harm the healthy tissue.

Conclusion: The cyberknife treatment is painless and easy for the execution purpose but you have to follow the proper rule for it. Patients have to sit comfortably at the arm of robotic which moves around the body. The procedure will take 30 to 90 minutes for perfect work purpose. To get all the benefits of this advanced level surgery make the perfect diagnosis of you by a professional and experienced doctor. Don’t get panicked at the time of your cyberknife treatment to avoid the problem.


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