What Are The Important Things You Need To Know While Using EHIC?

Things You Need To Know While Using EHIC

For benefit of EU residents that have to travel across EU or other countries specified under the laws and have to stay temporarily there for some specific purposes, the relevant governments have made the provision of specialised health insurance card known as EHIC or European Health Insurance Card. Issued and valid for a period of five years, the card holders need to go for EHIC card renewal before the actual expiry date. This card entitles the users to multiple medical benefits and facilities as they travel to the foreign lands and other countries as included in the list. It is surely a unique health insurance that proves to be quite beneficial for the users. The users need to keep some important things in mind when using this card as follows.

Applicable in the European and some other countries

It is worth noting that you can use EHIC card only in the countries falling under the boundaries of EU. Additionally, it can be used by the card holders in some other countries as well such as Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland etc. provided the users have opted for EHIC card renewal at proper time before its actual expiry date. By showing this card in the foreign lands, the card holders may get medical facilities in the foreign lands too.

Valid in state-run hospitals and clinics only

It is worth noting that this card is valid and hence can be used at the state-run or public hospitals, clinics or other medical institutes only. By showing this card at all such places, the users may get medical treatments as per their requirements during their temporary stay in the foreign lands.

Treatments at reduced costs or totally free

With the use of EHIC card, the card holders become entitled to treatments during emergent situations in the foreign lands during their visits at considerably reduced costs or even totally free. It means they are treated similar to the local people at the state-run hospitals or the clinics in the foreign lands as well. This facility offered by EHIC card proves to be really beneficial for the users as they may save lots of money that is otherwise spent in the form of huge medical bills.

Usable during emergency situations during temporary stay

Of course, EHIC card can be used by the card holders during emergency situations during their temporary or short term stay in the foreign lands or in the foreign countries across EU. The users must keep in mind that this card is usable only during emergency situations and is not meant for the sole purpose of medical treatments in the foreign lands. In other words, the users can’t organise their trip for medical treatments on the basis of this card.

Limitation of the usage period

Though EHIC card is valid for a period of five years however it can be used for a period of six months during your temporary stay in the foreign land.

Knowing these facts about EHIC, you may use it in a trouble-free manner and get the necessary treatments in the foreign lands, if so required.


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