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What makes our Earth so special amongst other planets in the solar system? The human race is penetrating to the other planets too in search of this elixir of life. Yes! Water. The universal solvent on earth makes life possible here. 3/4th of the whole earth is filled with water. But it is a pity to recognize the fact that only a few percentages of it are suitable for humans. Water from many sources contains metals, salts, unwanted mineral and microorganisms and makes the water impure. Without proper water content in our body, we can’t survive with the normal metabolical rates. A healthy routine includes the intake of purified water at proper intervals. The insufficient water intake may lead to drying out, tiredness, kidney stones, etc.

Make it a routine- ample intake of water

Making a life without food is possible up to an extent but you can never think the same with water. Being the healthiest drink an individual should ensure the availability of purified water all the time. Water provides you with the following benefits.

  • Flushes out toxins
  • Provides a radiant skin
  • superior exchange of nutrients in the body
  • relief from joint pains
  • Makes the weight loss process easier.
  • Helps to put off cancer

One can make certain the availability of pure drinking water around you. At your home, you can buy water filter online or from some reputed shops. Many of us find it difficult to stick to the drinking plans because of their busy lifestyles and ignorance. Some tips are provided here to help one with the right amount of water consumption.

  • Wherever you are going, keep a water bottle with you. In your office, shopping, gym even at home you can follow this practice. Whenever you are seeing the bottle, It will be a reminder to you.
  • Don’t go beyond the coloured drinks, which will actually give an instant thirst relief and are not at all good for the health. Instead, you can mix up with some fresh fruit extracts, if you are finding it too plain.
  • Always choose your snacks with high moisture content. Fresh fruits, soups, porridges will help you out there.
  • And for the busiest people, but still wanted to take the water, several health-related apps are available now. They will motivate you and makes you drink enough amount of water.


Water purifiers –all you want to know

Is it all about drinking water alone? Or should we care about which water we are drinking, the amount of salt and minerals present in them and the taste of the water and a lot more? Yes as the world is developing, the diseases too. Many of the diseases are contaminated through water and the hygiene must never be compromised. And the mass cleaning of water from the water bodies by the chlorination method will give you a weird taste.  This also can be improved by the filters. Due to the hardness of water, even the kitchen vessels and sink may get a nasty look and filtering is the best solution. So it is always best to choose the water purifier according to the nature of the water contamination.

  • Different purifying technologies

According to the total dissolved solids (TDS) level, the purification technologies will vary. TDS levels of 150 to 300 ppm are considered as soft water and value greater than 500 ppm is measured as hard water. Water filters which make use of these technologies are widely in use and can buy water filters online for your households or offices.

  1. Reverse osmosis (RO)

In the osmosis process, the water flows from a lower solute concentration level through a membrane to higher solute concentration level. In reverse osmosis with the help of high external pressure, water is compelled to flow from the high TDS level to low TDS level. The pores of the membrane are made small enough to trap the dissolved impurities and microorganisms at the same time allow the free flow of water. The wastewater is taken out through separate tubes.  As the RO purifiers filter out almost all the dissolved solids, they are recommended for the conversion of high to low TDS levels. These filters work on electricity.

  1. Ultrafiltration (UV)

This technology also makes use of the membrane but with reduced pore size. The main plus point of these filters is that it can work without electricity as it is not using any motors. Also zero wastage of water making them the favourites of people suffering water scarcity. At the same time, one has to keep an eye on the TDS level of the water before installing them, since they are not suitable for high TDS water.

  1. Ultraviolet purification ( UV)

The UV rays are high-intensity rays which are powerful to kill the microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, etc. so the disease-causing germs can be deactivated.But they can’t remove any chemicals or impurities in the water. But nowadays in the market, the UV purifiers are extended with extra facilities like sediment filters, carbon filters externally. These filters will filter out the dissolved impurities and chlorine.

The combinations of these filters according to the TDS value will give you the extreme results. For instance, a combination of UV and UF can be used in low TDS areas and if the TDS levels are high go with RO+UV combinations.

Final thoughts,

Understanding the prominence of water in an individual’s life, one has to follow a basic water intake routine. Care should be given to the type of water used in drinking. With many purification technologies available, one can avail the best purifiers for them. Before buying the filters always seek the expert advises and follows different manuals. The thorough study about the water will give an idea about the TDS levels of water and can determine the harmfulness. Better late than never. It is high time to have the best purifier besides you to make your life safe.


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