How to Prepare for Jee IIT?


It is getting tougher to pass and get good marks in tests like Neet. You can get the best scores only if you prepare in the most effective manner.Preparation has a big role to play in your performance in the test. You can make a great performance only if you have prepared well.

If you struggle with maths, make sure that you take something like IIT mathematics online coaching. Don’t allow any weaknesses to rule your performance in the test. These tests do demand clarity and understanding. You can perform well only if you have the right information in mind and understanding. When you preparefor IIT JEE, do make sure that you know that your marks in Class 12thboard exams will do play a crucial role. So, before you imagine bout taking good marks at IIT test, make sure you have good scores in 12th.

Beware of too many books

If you are listening to everyone and taking into consideration different books for your preparation then you need to stop it right there. If you are taking proper coaching then you can ask your teachers therein to guide you about which book or material to consider. If you think that using plenty of books would get you good marks then you are on a wrong track. If you are following the patterns and material of different books; you would end up in shallow outcomes.  You would create more confusion than any solutions.

Keep your basics clear

If you are struggling with mathematics then make sure you first clear your basic understanding. You have to make sure that your performance goes well. If you have any doubts about the basic of your concepts, it would be harmful for your performance. Jee IIT test is all about testing your basic understanding. If you understand the concepts and basics well, no matter how tricky a question is, you can crack it with ease and effectivity. On the other hand, if you have literally crammed the questions and you have no clarity about the basics, you might find yourself pathetic at performance. If you have any doubt or question, make sure that you ask the professionals in the coaching class and get clarity.

Do proper revision

Revision is the key to success. You should practice to use previous year papers of IIT JEE. It would be great if you check solutions from solved papers. Don’t hesitate to take help where the need is.  When you would solve the questions of past examinations and walk through the solutions; you would get an idea about the questions you may expect in the test. Similarly, discussing the issues with the professionals would give you an edge in your preparation. If there is any question in the previous year’s tests, and it is getting on your nerves; make sure that you understand the concepts in the best possible manner.


Thus, it would be good if you take mathematics video lectures for IIT JEE and prepare for the test in the most effective manner.  The stronger your preparation, the better is your performance on the final day.

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