Shall You Work With Med School Consultant

Shall You Work With Med School Consultant

Medicine is a highly respected profession as healthcare professionals are always available to offer their services even during odd hours. You know that you have the potential to be a successful doctor. You are mentally prepared for the job. When you are applying for a medical school, you can consider working with a med school consultant. However, you will have to pay a little extra. Let’s see the pros and cons of hiring the best med school consultant.

Medical school admission consultation covers the entire medical school admission process. A complete package includes primary application, secondary application, personal statement and medical school mock interviews. Medical school admissions can be unpredictable and random.

You may get multiple education brochure with information regarding institutes printed on them. These are useful for you to decide which institutes you may shortlist before going to a consultant.

When there are many applicants and most of them are worthy, admission committees often make decisions on the basis of preference. They accept certain applicants and reject others. It is not all about what you have done. It also matters how you present it. Whether you need consultation or not, this depends on you. Many applicants successfully complete the admission process without working with a med school consultant. Consider hiring a consultant if you:

  • If your admission stats are below average.
  • You don’t have good writing skills.
  • You don’t have someone trustworthy to help you in editing your personal statement. Don’t apply if you don’t have a doctor, medical student, mentor or any other professional with relevant experience to review and edit your medical school application.
  • You have a little or no idea of the admission process.
  • Your extracurricular activities are not good enough.

Find answers to the following questions to know if you should hire a medical school consultant or not.

What is the success rate of the med school consultant?  

You must ensure transparency when it comes to hiring a medical school consultant. You need to learn about the success rate of the consultant. Don’t rely on anecdotes. Get the actual data to trust a medical school admission consultant. Also learn what the consultant has to offer.

Does the consultant offer free consultation?

Some consultants also offer free consultation. You don’t need to pay for a basic consultation such as guidance to the medical school admission process. For services like medical school personal statement editing, you need to pay.

Does the consultant have experience?

Sometimes a team of medical students and physicians also offer medical school consultation services. You should find someone who has already been a part of medical school admission committees. That person knows how admission committees work. You don’t have to be a medical student or physician to be an expert. You need to find someone who can help you in adding a personal touch to your application.

Is it a diverse team?

Different types of applicants apply for a medical school. One person cannot help all applicants. Therefore, work with a diverse team of medical school admission consultants. You need experts who understand specific situations of applicants. For example, you come from an underrepresented minority community. Work with someone who is good at underrepresented minority admissions.

Is pricing fair and transparent?

Medical school admission consultants promote their services online. You can visit the consultant’s website to get details. You can find details on the website. In case you don’t find pricing on the website, call the consultant to ensure that pricing is fair and transparent. Compare prices offered by different companies.

Does the consultant care about you or profit? 

Doing this evaluation is a little difficult. Some consultants put sincere efforts to help you get into a medical school. Others may even ask you to pay more. Therefore, check reviews before you trust a medical school consultant.

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