Special ingredients of the Torex cough syrup

Ayurvedic Torex Syurp

Many people consume allopathic syrup or tablets when they cough excessively. They feel irritated due to inflammation in the throat. After consuming pills or syrup, they feel relieved. These medicines can alleviate the symptoms temporarily. But they cannot build immunity or improve overall health.

Features of ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicines have their own special properties. They are made of natural ingredients and so do not cause any side effects. Although, they act gradually, they prevent the occurrence of the problem in the future. They reduce the probability of the symptoms. Usually, people with weaker immunity are easily prone to cold. So, the ayurvedic cough syrup contains such ingredients that they fight against germs that enter into the body during cold season.

Torex syrup

The torex cough syrup is an ayurvedic medicine for people suffering from cough. This medicine is meant for both children and adults. It is a formulation that is used for relieving cough symptoms. This medicine contains 20 natural herbs and hence is safe for children also. People with milder symptoms to severe symptoms can use this syrup. It is used for treating different symptoms such as wet cough, allergic rhinitis, wet cough, whooping cough, dry cough etc. The patient should visit the physician to know the dose to be taken and the time for taking the syrup. The patient should shake the bottle properly before drinking the syrup. This syrup can be taken before or after meals. The physician can advise better.

But this syrup should not be consumed by women who are pregnant. After drinking this syrup, a person should not consume alcohol. The persons with kidney problems also should not consume this syrup.

How torex syrup relieves a person from symptoms

This syrup relieves the person suffering from mucous problem and if a person drinks fluids along with the syrup, then the person can get relieved from congestion also. When the throat is properly lubricated, then the mucous that is secreted becomes loose. After taking the syrup, then the mucous from the throat gets drained.

A person does not experience any side effects after consuming this syrup. A person can rid of severe cough because it is potent mucolytic. This syrup also contains the properties of bronchodilator and hence a person can breathe comfortably. It does not cause any side effects because it is an effective antihistamine also. So, it is used to treat a person with common cough also.   This cough is also known as a useful spasmolytic because it relieves a person from spasm and is used for controlling cramps. This medicine is also known as demulcent because it relieves a person from irritation. It contains some of the ingredients to relieve a person from irritation such as mint, cloves etc.

The medicine should be taken with lukewarm water and contains the most valuable ingredients named Tulsi and honey. The children should preferably consume it ½ teaspoonfuls for 3 to 4 times a day, whereas the adults should consume it 2 tablespoonfuls for 3 to 4 times a day with warm water.

It is ayurvedic syrup that is tested and proven to cure all symptoms that are caused during the cough.

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