The Many Benefits of a Canvas Camping Tent

Canvas Tent

There are numerous manufacturers of high-quality canvas tents across the world. These tents are suited for camping and outdoor adventure experiences. Whether one likes exploring new places or is on a weekend getaway with family, canvas tents can prove to be very convenient and offer luxury, even in the wilderness.

However, one should be mindful of the quality of the tent one is investing in. It should be made of the best material at a reasonable price. White Duck Outdoors is completely driven towards giving the best customer experience and surpasses expectations. Here are the benefits of investing in a canvas camping tent.

1.   Sun Protection

Unlike other synthetic materials, canvas belongs to the thicker class and hence, blocks the force of direct sunlight from entering the interiors.It is recommended to assemble the tent in a shady area however the canvas tent can aid in sun protection. Moreover, if someone is looking to escape the sun rays in the early morning hours, the thick material shall help in the same.

 Sun damage, moreover, is the single most common way of ruining any tent, and hence, the canvas camping tent with its thick material shall resist any such damage.

2. Provide Cooler Temperatures

The ability to stay cool comes from the right amount of insulation. Since the canvas tents are made of thick, heavy material, they resist the sun rays and create an environment for a slightly cooler temperature.

These tents are usually made of cotton and sometimes a blend of cotton and synthetic. If the temperatures are soaring outside, then, no doubt, any tent is bound to flare up as well; however, a canvas camping tent can resist the heat significantly.

 3.   They Offer Breathability

The commonly used materials such as polyester and other synthetics retain heat due to their light weightiness. However, one must be aware of the fact of their non-breathability. Their heat retention is extremely high and they tend to heat up very fast. From the tent’s perspective, if it is humid outside, it can only add to the misery because of potential condensation. This can further lead to clamminess, sweatiness and a very bad situation, which shall not be appealing at all.

On the contrary, canvas tents at Whiteduck Outdoors are often made up of cotton variants are very ventilation friendly and they are more breathable. This raises the probability of them being less likely susceptible to the dreaded condensation.

4.   Longer Shelf Life

Canvas tents, due to the highly durable nature of the material they’re made up of, they last a long time, braving the wear and tear caused by heat exposure, rain and other unpredictable weather conditions. They can stand tougher conditions and so, if they are taken care of properly and stored in a conducive way, they can last one for years together.

 The shelf life of any tent, or in fact, any material depends on the kind of care it receives. However, canvas tents can outlast other materials for sure.

 5.   Sustainable

Since cotton is no doubt organic, it is environment friendly and biodegradable as well. That is, if it is thrown or dump anywhere and stays in the dirt for a long time, it shall decompose into the soil. Therefore, investing in a canvas camping tent can be a sustainable choice. Nowadays mindfulness for the environment is on the rise, and everybody wants to do their bit for Mother Nature. This can be a perfect way to contribute directly.

Hence, the benefits of canvas tents are numerous, some of which have been discussed above. If one is looking to have a great outdoor adventure, with a lot of conveniences and a tent for many more adventures to come, then one should definitely consider investing in a canvas camping tent. Along with the ability of withstanding unanticipated weather conditions, that can potentially ruin someone’s experience, to offering comfort in the form of the breathability it offers, it has several plus points.

Not to forget that it can prove to be a prized possession as it can last for decades and is environment friendly too. It is no doubt one of the best choices for outdoor activities.

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