Three Reasons Why You Have to Travel to Uganda

Travel to Uganda

If you are looking for an unexpected travel plan to travel to Uganda then you have come to the right place. Don’t hesitate for it is worth taking a shot unless of course, you are impulsive in making decisions. But yes, even if it is so, Uganda is a place that needs the attention and for all the right reasons. The pearl of Africa lives up to its name and is packed with activities that will shatter any preconceived notions of this place. If you want information regarding the activities that you can look out for, then Mojhi is the place where you’d want to start your researches from. So, here is a list of activities that you can expect.

1. River Nile

Travel to the town of Jinja which also happens to be a hub of all extreme river sports activity. The Nile is also the world’s longest river and this furthers the enticement for any water sports opportunities here. Of the many activities, white water rafting is quite popular. In case you are not interested in such activities, you can head down to the parks where you can do some game watching. Murchison National Park is nearby and is an excellent place for game watching. This place has over 200 species of animals and various species of birds that you would find elsewhere in the world.

2. Sipi Waterfall

You just can’t miss this beautiful waterfall. This place is vibrant and so full of life. The green scheme in its backdrop is enough to make you set your foot at this place. Be sure to get yourself a local guide if you want to know more about this place and its surroundings. It will practically cost you nothing. The trail down the waterfall is quite steep and gruelling but once you have set your eyes on the resilient waterfall, you would understand the worth of it all. It just takes a big heart and a lot of courage to finish the trail and in the end, you’ll end up cherishing each moment.

3. Safari

Safaris are mostly the reason why half of the tourist population flock in here. There are a number of great national parks where you can do safaris. These safaris are quote cheaper than the ones you’d find in Tanzania and Kenya. Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth are two of the most visited parks here at Uganda. They are famous for their biodiversity and landscapes that support the ones living here, in this case, most of the inhabitants here are animals of different species. If you are looking for less saturated places then head towards the Kidepo National Park which is equally stunning. This park is further towards the northeastern part of the country and below the border of Sudan. Seeing animals behind a glass door is one thing and seeing them roam around their own habitat is another. This should be the highlight for your Uganda experience especially if you are travelling with your kids.

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