Top 10 IT Training Courses and Certification of 2018

IT Training Courses

Professionals who wish to climb the ladder in their IT careers but are unable to find the correct opportunities should consider investing their time and money in advanced training classes which will help them in becoming an attractive prospect to lateral recruiters. Building a strong IT profile by engaging in several certification courses will help your resume shine and help increase your market value.

It has been observed that the IT organisations that offer these certification courses have also adhered to the convenience of the student, by offered Instructor Led Training (ILT) and Computer Based Training (CBT) options to them. It is prudent for a candidate to hunt for companies that are providing a deeper insight into specific skills in his/her choice of IT field. This path is also a great opportunity for professionals who wish to spread their expertise in a different field of IT and are looking for a starting point. Stechies has compiled a list of top 10 IT training courses which will help you in making a decision that will accelerate your career to the top.

  1. Fast Lane
  • This company offers certification and training in all major vendor-specific programs such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, Amazon Web Services, and Veritas.
  1. Global Knowledge
  • Global Knowledge is an institute that offers a wide range of IT certification courses that have led professionals to conquer their IT worlds with knowledge and confidence.
  • Their training program list includes networking, cloud computing, virtualization, and big data. The classes in these fields are more than 1500 and have ILT and CBT training options.
  1. InfoPro
  • This company consults enterprise-wide companies on customized learning and development courses. It offers a learning management platform which can be used by companies to create a course framework for customized training in all IT fields.
  1. Digital Intelligence
  • This company rules a cornerstone in IT that has its own impact on the certification and training industry- computer hardware and software forensics.
  • The courses offered by Digital Intelligence include- JTAG, FTK, EnCase/DFFEN, NUIX, Cellebrite, DFF, and Digital Archive Boot Camp.
  1. Skillsoft
  • Skillsoft offers many customized training courses that fit a company’s training needs. It has many modules that are fit for Small and medium enterprises and has self-paced learning tools and services.
  1. IBM Skills Gateway
  • IBM offers training in cloud computing, Internet of Things, security, systems, mobile services, analytics, and even IBM Watson’s platform.
  • It has paved way for a badge program that allows IT Pros to show their badges on social media and email signatures.
  1. InfoSec
  • IT security professionals live in an evergreen era and InfoSec offers training and certification in information security.
  • It offers courses such as PMP and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
  1. Red Hat
  • It is a revered vendor in the open source software (Linux) industry.
  • The courses include load balancing, security, systems management, and virtualization (Docker and Kubernetes).
  1. Cisco Learning Network
  • This company offers training to its approved partners globally on all Cisco products.
  1. Project Management Institute
  • The Project Management Institute offers the Project Management Professional (PMP) course that is instrumental in earning a mastery in project management principles, practices, and procedures. It is imperative for project managers and program managers to take up this course, however IT professionals who take this course also benefit immensely.

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