Types of popular Biriyanis in India

Biriyanis in India

Biriyani is something which is a perfect dish and a combination of various flavours and spices. This dish is the one which keeps everyone craving.

One can make some delicious biriyanis at home if they want. One can find the chicken biriyani recipe in Hindi from a recipe book. But there are varieties of biriyanis available in India which one must try at least once.

In India, this dish was brought by the Mughals during their dynasty and it is a treat to the taste buds. It has a Persian origin, but it gained a lot of versatility later because of the addition of different mix of spices and some unique flavours. So, here are some famous and popular biriyanis of India which one needs to taste.

The Awadhi Biryani

According to popular opinions of the food historians this is the first kind of biriyani which made its appearance in India. This has its origin in Awadh which presently is known as Lucknow. It was a home to the Mughals who ruled India for more than 300 years in the 16th century. This biriyani is thus from the land of Mughals. It is a perfect blend of fragrant spices. This dish has some tender rice, saffron, flavoured cinnamon and then it is layered with some half cooked meat in the deep bottomed vessel. This vessel is known as ‘handi’ where the entire dish is cooked slowly and hence the mouth-watering flavour happens. This is the perfect example of ‘dum’ cooking style.

 The Calcutta Biryani

This is almost the same as Awadhi Biryani because this was brought in this city of joy by the royal Awadhi family of Wajed Ali Shah who was deported to Calcutta from Lucknow. He came here with his cooks and thus the recipe of biryani also came along. But this recipe was further infused to the poorer class that started using potatoes instead of meat in this one. From there, the Calcutta biryani was born which has both the boiled potato and meat in it.

The Sindhi biryani

This one has its origin in the Gujarat and Sindhu province and this one is particularly made with a lot of finely chopped chillies, spices, coriander leaves and mint leaves. This particular recipe of biriyani is very popular among the north western parts of India. It has a rich texture and is cooked with potatoes, yogurt, and tomatoes and then garnished with a lot of dry fruits. There is also something called Memoni Biriyani which is a specialty of the Memons of Gujarat and it has a use of mutton in it. The rich meat gravy brings a different texture to this dish.

The Bombay biryani

When you come to Bombay the biriyani that is served has a lot of dried plums and kewra in it. This one has a slight twist of sweetness in this. Sometimes, spiced and fried potatoes are also added in this.

There are plenty of other varieties of biriyani which one can find in the other parts of India which are also not to be missed.

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