What Are the Best Fb Linker Websites?

Best Fb Linker Websites

Social media has taken the world like a storm. Since the past few years, it has given us some really famous people, some disappointments, some authentic news, some fake news as well. Nonetheless, being a part of social media has become very important for all the people. It has become a platform for those people who want to achieve something in life. Those people who didn’t get a chance to showcase their talent in the shows got it through social media. How many of your own friends might be running a channel on YouTube and giving people something new every other day?

 YouTube is everybody’s favourite. But, the only drawback is that the number of views is comparatively less. So, what can be done to make people view your videos more? Well, the answer is very simple. By converting your YouTube videos to Facebook thumbnails, you can get good views. Now your question will be why Facebook? Because Facebook is one of the reigning social media sites where everyone wants to connect with each other. So, if you convert your videos to Facebook you will get better views. There are many YouTube to Facebook converter sites which will take you closer to being successful and famous. So, let’s find out about some of the best Fb linker websites.

  • Yt2Fb

Who doesn’t know about Yt2Fb website? It is the most popular website to convert your YouTube videos to Facebook videos in a jiffy. If gaining popularity is your wish, then Yt2Fb is your destination. Here, your YouTube videos get converted to Facebook thumbnails which are bigger and better. Then, you can easily post your videos on YouTube and share it on Facebook without any hassles. This converter makes the video conversions very simple. So, your fame is just one click away. Nothing can stop you now.

  • Thumb Tube

Thumb tube is a website where you can make your dreams come true. Here, the YouTube videos can be converted very easily. You just need to follow a few steps. First, you need to search the video which you would want to post on Facebook. Once the video is decided, copy its link, and paste it in the Thumb Tube website. Click on the “create link” button. You will find a new link on the next page. This converted link can be directly pasted on your Facebook page. With some catchy captions, you can attract your audience to watch your videos thereby increasing your views.

  • Create YouTube

This is also a popular website to convert your YouTube videos. This method is very simple. You can convert your YouTube videos to Facebook thumbnails which is the same as the native Facebook videos. Hence, the quality of your videos will not decrease in any way and you can give your audience a good video experience. You just need to share your YouTube video and pastes its link in the website. Within a fraction of second, your YouTube video will be converted into large YouTube thumb. You just need to paste the link on your Facebook page and write something creative to give it the finishing touch. Post your videos and get more views.

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