Degrees are important. Yes. This is the argument that we get to hear the pleading requests of so many parents who need want their children to acquire the best suite of formal education. While the school books to some extent lay the foundation for some of the concepts that make the base of our professional skills, its’ not entirely enough on its own. For this very reason, we have seen the rise and literally unstoppable trajectory of big data certifications.

The age-old structure of IT is coming down. And this manifests in the mass-firing that the public is getting to witness at major world employers. Be it IBM, Microsoft or Cap Gemini, they all have chopped of the people who were hanging by a loose thread at the bottom of the stratum. Upon being asked by the media, the reason which is furnished is that the repetitive and mundane computations will now be the responsibility of artificial intelligence & machine learning.

This being the harsh reality, the public starts to look out for the technologies that enable such intelligent algorithms to work. Guess what the answer entails?Big data science and advanced analytics. Therefore, we seea surge in the interest of the people as a whole. What this has led to, apart from benefitting the businesses, is that it has opened the doors for the bracket of professionals who found themselves stuck in mundane profiles. These people now have the chance to earn new data scientist skills and walk their way through the best big data scientist jobs.

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA), is one top-notch institute which is bringing to fore the qualification that will make your resume, failure-proof. What does that mean? It means that having prepared the course curriculum in consultation with the industry experts, DASCA offers state of the art data scientist qualifications.

Some of the credentials that you can avail from our wide array of big data certifications are:

Big data Analyst – offered for Associate and Senior levels.

Big Data Engineer –same as above.

Apart from the above-mentionedcredentials, DASCA also has a senior data scientist and a principal data scientist qualification for veterans. The fact of the matter is, no matter what, candidates with the right data scientist skills will find employability very easily, just as is predicted by IBM. By the year 2020, as many as 2 million such profiles will be up for grabs. At such a juncture in our history, it becomes an essentiality to overcome redundancies in our current roles & welcome the chance to be a part of something great.

Applying and registering for the exams is as easy as it gets. Head on to the dedicates section on the website and enter your details. Soon enough you shall receive the subsequent instructions to be followed, on your email. That’s it. Complete the steps and you are all set to go.

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