How to make most of season end sales

season end sales

With more than half of 2020 spent in lockdown, there haven’t been a lot of chances for shopping per se and our wardrobes will definitely need not only additions but perhaps complete makeovers, since we are all heading back to colleges and work.

Last year has been tough on all our wallets and keeping that in mind it imperative to go rummaging through the market looking for sales. The word sales is usually associated with left over stock that needs clearing. Therefore, it was a very warm, pleasant and fuzzy surprise that fashion brands put up actually an amazing clothing deals on different categories that include, three-piece unstitched suit, ready to wear, bottom and winter collection across the board. We reviewed several online stores in detail and yes everything is on sale and this is what we saw.

We just love sales and clothing deals

With the classics remained, Desi Ethnic styles were showcased in a unique revamped modern version. Beautiful bold jewel colours with luxurious intricately embroidered shawls give a very opulent and sophisticated look that helps you to express your personality. Their up to 50% winter wear sale will definitely help you to look fashionable on a low budget.
Another way we would say this is that brands have managed to deliver Quality on a budget

Some things are just too good to pass, in this designer clothes sale. Let’s take a look at what this fashion sale has in store for us. We have randomly selected pieces from each of their categories to be able to bring to you a balanced view.


Let’s start with this one piece heavily embroidered shirt from Orient ready to wear collection with ethnic designs in mustard yellows and jewel green on a base of deep Anar red and black bringing forth a burst of colour. This stitched shirt has long bell sleeves with tassels, if you are into that sort of a thing, a high prince collar and an embroidered bodice. Not too little and not too much either. A perfect pick from a women’s clothes sale.


This classic piece from Beechtree is something that can sit in your wardrobe and not go out of fashion you pull it out off season? And it will still look trendy. It’s a navy-blue high neck front pleated shirt with large button detail and lace inserts in bell sleeves. A perfect grab for a hurried work morning dressing.

There is a huge variety of unstitched formal dresses on sale in three different types of fabrics Karandi, Cotton Linen and Heavy Textured Cotton always favourites for the cold wintery days although with spring just around the corner even plain cotton will do.

And of course, sales are not only for girls and women. We have seen that men enjoy them as much as we do although men’s clothing online from primarily a woman’s fashion brand is a new concept. One can shop at good fashion brands as a family also since they carry different ranges Kurta Shalwars and unstitched material for men and boys too. We personally liked the ones with jewel colour hues, since these colours never goes out of fashion and suits both adults and young boys and can be worn at many different occasions like weddings and mehndis and even formal family gatherings. Boys do really look cute in Kurta pajama and straight pants, contrary to popular beliefs.

Last but not the least is the understated but one of the most important sections, that is of bottom pieces. We usually don’t see brands paying too much attention to bottoms and people get limited options to pair with some ready to wear awesomeness. We were pleasantly surprised to find a huge variety of different types of shalwars, plain cut and tulip both. Trousers/pants ranging from straight cuts to flared to culottes. They are available in all basic colours whites, cremes and blacks with plain ones and embroidered embellished ones. Other than the basic colours there are also maroon, mint green tea pink available. I loved how team orient has thought of paying attention to a section that usually gets over looked. So that’s a big well done for them.

And the Verdict is…….

Summing up if you are redoing your wardrobe or even just adding to it and you have your eye on your budget, this season’s Winter clothes sale is just too good an opportunity to pass by. There is so much variety that we feel that you will definitely find something that resonates with you. Where they have bright pieces there are subtle ones also.

Whether you are shopping for work, college or perhaps more formal affairs like lunch or dinner gatherings, in this Designer clothes sale we feel because of enormous variety, there is a big chance that you will find your signature style outfit making looking fashionable easy on a low budget.

I hope our review of mid season’s sales to kick off 2021 has been helpful in deciding what becomes part of your wardrobe this year. Remember some pieces are just there to stay.


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