Know the 4 big SMM mistakes committed by B2B and how to avoid them

big SMM mistakes

Social media is used by marketers in different ways. Plenty of examples from national brands, local businesses and products can be found that thrive on customer involvement and brand loyalty generation. But what if the service or product has long sales cycle instead of the much sought after consumer product. Even the target audience may comprise of CFOs and IT managers and not college students and mothers. It is still possible to reach the key B2B stakeholders by implementing social media marketing. Without the correct tactics and strategies in places, these buyers cannot be reached on the appropriate platforms. Then the social media efforts will be a failure.

Some big SMM mistakes and prevention tips

  • Narrow definition of SMM: Several entrepreneurs are of the opinion that SMM means having active and claimed business page on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social channels. This narrow viewpoint overlooks wide range of strategies and channels which can help expand communities, increase reach of the business as well as drive engagement. On optimized YouTube page, publish community, customer and product videos.
  • Dedicated resources for wrong platforms: Developing robust and responsive social media presence undoubtedly is vital, irrespective of the industry business size. This is important, if there are available limited resources. Probably the focus is upon the social media efforts which will generate maximum efforts. But it is tough to guess the most appropriate ones. Not understanding the starting point of the social media strategy is likely to result in bigger underlying problems and so is not identifying the target audience. Some steps are to be taken to figure out the current buyers and what the audience is like. In case, most of the efforts are to be focused upon single platform or the answers is not properly known, then Facebook will be the right place to start with. Boasting of active users of more than 1.65 billion, with 66%+ logging regularly, chances are the target prospects spending sometime here. Therefore, it is the right place to reach the target audience.
  • Avoid using new content formats: It could be the that the entrepreneur currently posts once sentence status updates for the targeted social media channels or simply link to those curated contents. He might not have the necessary experience to create live presentations, videos or Buzzfeed styled articles. It should be added to the toolkit for assisting to engage more audience on the social media. For appealing the target buyers and reaching them easily, it will be wise to come up with engaging videos, direct publication on social sites, etc.
  • Develop relationships with influencers: It is from the others in the industry that the biggest lifts can be derived. Developing relationships as well as earning interest of the top influencers is sure to result in high quality published contents about the business, positive brand mentions, retweeted or shared content, etc. This is sure to add up to the social media inventory, while propelling the business towards sure success.

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