Serial Entrepreneurs and Their Compelling Life Stories

Compelling Life Stories

Every life is a story itself. Everyone is bestowed with a unique set of talents and abilities which they require to realize and pursue vocationally. Everyone is also handed a purpose in the world and recognizing it is usually a part of your complete life journey. It also brings us to certain individuals whose life stories are a replete source of inspiration for many. These individuals came into agreement with their talents, unlocked their true potentials and pursued successful careers. You can name a tone of people. However, a portion of these individuals has had life experiences that can teach you and me abundantly. We are talking about serial entrepreneurs who overcame the odds, pursued their excellence and made a name of themselves.

Their stories stand ever-green and anyone who is looking for some inspiration and perspective can read about them and their work. So, who are some of these people who have amazing life stories?

Michel Issa

He was unemployed and in huge debt at 24. Everything was falling apart and he had zero contacts who could help. He was a “nobody” and even McDonald’s rejected him. He acquired an abandoned place to hold conference events but there were no deals. Long after, he met another famous entrepreneur and this meeting opened doors for him. The key point remains that rejection did not let Michel Issa fall out or give up. He had nothing. Not even a cushion to fall back. Not even hope for a job, to think he became a successful entrepreneur from that standpoint is really inspiring. He built himself through networking and nothing else.

Michael Rubin

The 41-year-old’s entrepreneurial journey began when he was just 12. Unusual for a teenager, Michael was grossing revenues nobody ever imagined. He even bought a Porsche as a teenager but went into bankruptcy at just 16, which he recalls as a “near to death experience”. Michael was done and dusted. Struggling through a home environment where people rather wanted him in college and his creditors knocking doors, Michael somehow bounced back and today his life story is loved by people. Especially for the fact that how a young lad having little or no money managed to build such an empire.

Tariku Bogale

Life took him to Africa, Switzerland, New York and Hollywood and it has been as adventurous, thrilling and inspiring as you can imagine. The serial entrepreneur, actor, film producer and advisor published his memoir in debut book: “Unstoppable: Challenge Accepted” and it is stunningly inspiring people. He had a humble beginning where he found poverty at his disposal which did not act as a barrier in his life. His story revolves around crippling struggles, prison days, political tensions and frightening risks, where Tariku Bogale stood as a rock. It drove him to continents and he amassed valuable experience which made him overcome all the odds, defeat fear, realize his true abilities and build himself up from that pillar. The author’s life story is a complete personification of the idea of “catharsis”. There is a lot more – the Volume 1 of Unstoppable is only a glimpse of his life story.

Oprah Winfrey

The billionaire host, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur suffered a tumultuous childhood. Suffering through domestic problems in early childhood, broken family, poverty, sexual violence, etc., Oprah Winfrey has come a long, long way. She was raped at the age of 9 and had to relocate to her father’s place where she learned a lot. Being a woman of color in the American society, with immense pain being inflicted on her as a little girl, she never backed down and today… well, she’s worth a staggering $3 billion.

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