Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

A bed sheet is one of the basic requirements of your bedroom. Back in the day, nearly all bed sheets were white cotton. But today you’ll be surprised at the vast variety available in the market. From deep fitted sheets to sateen sheets and from king size sheets to queen bed sheets, there are numerous options to choose from in terms of size, style, color as well as pattern. People now pay special attention to aesthetics when it comes to their bedrooms and bedding materials. And why shouldn’t they?  After all, it is the place where you spend one third of the day. Hence it ought to be comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

When shopping for bed sheets you should have a thorough knowledge of your requirements and expectations as that would help you sort through the labels and skip guesswork. Here are the factors you need to consider in order to ensure you’re getting the best bed sheets for your bedroom.

Know the Right Size

You must be familiar with the terms twin, queen and king size bed sheets. But did you know that there is actually no standard measurement for these sizes/beds. There may be some variation in size of one brand/maker and another. This can be quite tricky especially if you’re buying bed sheets online. Hence, it is important that before you go shopping, you should carefully take the exact measurements of your bed. Note the dimension from side to side as well as top to bottom.

Also, measure the thickness and width of your mattress. Now add two inches to the width of your mattress when buying as you’d need more cloth to tuck it in. Do take into account whether you have an extra deep mattress or one that has a topper on it.

In case you are getting cotton bed sheets, remember to buy a larger size as it tends to shrink over time. Some beds tend to have more unusual measurements and if you get a wrong size you’d have to face unnecessary hassle. Imagine buying king bed sheets and realizing upon getting home they’re too big for your bed. A bigger sheet is difficult to handle and also looks messy. Similarly, a smaller bed sheet wouldn’t fit properly so you’ll have to return it. Hence, it pays to have the right measurements beforehand.

Read About the Fibre Content

It’s always safe to buy 100% cotton sheets because cotton bed sheets are known to be the softest sheets. If you’re looking for premium quality cotton sheets, Egyptian or Pima would be a wise choice. They may be a little on the pricier side, but it’s a worthy investment given the comfort they provide and the time they last. Egyptian cotton has extra long fibres which create a smooth and soft fabric. Pima cotton is also known for its natural sheen and softness. Some companies tend to mislabel the cotton as Eyptian so it’s best to purchase from a reliable brand. So Kamal has one of the best cotton sheets in the market, you can explore the cotton variety from the online shop or a SoKamal shop near you.

You can also buy sheets that are cotton and polyester blends. The fabric may have a synthetic feel but owing to polyester it’s more durable, inexpensive as well as less prone to wrinkling. For winters, flannel material would be cozy. For luxury, you could go for silk, satin or microfiber. Before purchasing the entire bed sheet set you can buy pillowcases in different styles to see how they feel like, how they wash and whether they suit you or not.

Thread Counts & Weave Type

Thread count is the number of threads spun per square inch. The label on the bed sheets would tell you about its thread count. The higher this count, the more luxurious would be the feel of the fabric. However, a higher thread count could also mean that the individual threads used are thinner and hence may not wear well. To ensure good wear as well as get a soft feel, you should go for a thread count that’s ideally above 250 but no less than 140.

Earlier thread count was the single most important indicator of consistency. However, now we know that other factors such as yarn fibre, scale, spinning and finishing all play a role in the quality of a board. Different bed sheets are woven differently and the form of weave significantly impacts the appearance, softness and durability of the product. Though the weave is not visible to the naked eye, you can judge it by bed sheet types. For example, satin weave is smooth and soft but not very tough; jacquard and damask woven bed sheets are very detailed in design/style while twill weave is thick and thus causes less wrinkles.

Read the Laundering Instructions

Besides checking the texture of the bed sheets, you should also be aware of the laundering instructions. This is important so that you know if you will be able to care for the bed sheets according to what the manufacturer recommends. For example, silk bed sheets feel super comfortable and look stylish as well. But then you may need to have them dry cleaned every week. Now can you afford that? Of course you should have those luxurious bed sheets to lay on your bed when it’s a special day but you shouldn’t splurge on them too often. Go for the ones you can easily maintain so that they last longer.

Buy More Sheets Than You Need

When shopping for bed sheets, it’s convenient to buy two or three sets that are either identical or have similarities in terms of color combinations and style. You should also have white bed sheets as you can mix and match several duvets and pillows with them.

Having more bed sheets saves you a lot of hassle. This is because in case something spills on the bottom sheet you only need to replace that. If you have kids at home, this option would really suit you. You wouldn’t have to worry about changing the entire set if they spill something or place their dirty feet on your bed sheet. Also, purchase extra pillowcases for freshness.

Color and Design

Color and design can add more to your bedroom. It should be one that goes with the color scheme of the room. A bright colored bed sheet can lift the mood of the room and similarly if the room is already too colorful then you can tone it down with a muted bedsheet. The same goes for design. For a children’s room you can opt for bed sheets with cartoon designs and as for your own room go for any design you fancy or think will enhance the overall ambience.

With these tips in mind you can shop smart and get the most comfortable and durable sheets you will love to sleep on. Happy sleeping!

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