Top 5 iPhone Chargers You Can Try

iPhone Chargers

There is no doubt about the fact that currently, the iPhone is ruling the smartphone market. The processing power that it has makes it undoubtedly the best and most wanted smartphone for gaming. The users can enjoy HD movies on their devices, and enjoy a number of other interesting features. However, iPhones require a lot of power in comparison to other Android or Windows smartphones that are present in the market. The charger that already comes with the iPhones has a slow charging technology, which ends up frustrating the people.

You can consider purchasing one of these high-speed chargers, which are preferred by a huge section of iPhone users.

Syncwire iPhone Charger

Getting an ideal Apple charger India for your device is not an easy job. This charger has been certified by Apple, and it has a secure 8-pin design, which is capable of supporting most of the iPhone models. You may use this charger for charging your iPhone 7, 8, and X without causing any damage to the charging system.

People using the iPhone 5 and 6 can use it for transferring data because of the speed and synchronizing capacity that it has. The anodized connectors are durable. The cable is tangle free, and it can work outdoors as well.

Puridea Extra Long Charger Cable

The extra long chargers are being demanded by many iPhone users because they are extremely versatile. The pack of Puridea Charger comes with 3 chip chargers that are not only intelligent but also highly secure for many iPhone models.

These chargers have non-MFi chips, which can provide a perfect anti-voltage protection. The cable of these chargers measures 3.3 feet to 7 inches. These multifunctional chargers are compatible with iPhone 7, 7 plus, 8, and X. They also go well with the iPhone 4, 5, and 6.

Quntis Lightning Cable

The Quntis lightning cable comes with the 8 pin connectors, which can charge many Apple devices including the iPhones, iPads, and iPods. You do not have to remove the cases for charging your iPhone.

The charger is made up of heavy-duty aluminum alloys, and hence, the heat-resistant terminals are extremely durable. Quntis is one of the safest and high-performance brands, which will not let your expectations down.

Feel2Nice iPhone Charger

This brand provides a pack of six-foot chargers, which work in most of the locations. They are made up of copper wires and are durable. Additionally, the kink-proof sheaths allow them to last long.

They not only support high-speed charging but also transfer data speedily. They are certified and stable and are compatible with most of the iPhone models.

ZestyChef iPhone Charger

ZestyChef has received a top ranking for being one of the best among the other iPhone chargers available. You can get them in both eight foot and ten-foot cables. They have four-core copper wires, which allow the cables to boost the quality of the signal.

When users are transferring data, they can get a speed of around 480mbps. The flexible design does not permit the cables to get tangled.


Most people tend to carry power banks in their bag all the time, but there is no point in making your bag heavier. Just choose from the best iPhone chargers mentioned in the list, and you are good to go.

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