Types of Allied Dishes You Can Have with Malai Kofta


‘Malai Kofta’- the name sounds quite interesting. ‘Kofta’ is soft balls of vegetables or meat that is cooked in creamy curry sauce. In an Indian wedding, malai kofta is one of the most celebratory dishes. Made with lots of spices, this is quite a rich dish and will leave a great taste in your palette. Basically, malai kofta comes from Mughlai origin and today, it is one of the famous North Indian dishes. Not only in India, but malai kofta is a famous dish, served by the Indian restaurants around the world. You can have it with different types of rotis and rice. You can find malai kofta recipe in Hindi in different websites. Today, you will know side dishes you will need to have with malai kofta. Read on to know more-

  1. Roti

This is one of the most common allied dishes to have with malai kofta. Homemade rotis of wheat flour will taste great and it will also keep you light. If you want to make it tastier, you can add ghee or butter on the roti. Having it for lunch is a good option as dinner will be heavy with malai kofta.

  1. Paratha

To have the best taste of malai kofta, you can have it with different types of parathas. Plain paratha or gobi paratha will taste awesome with the creaminess of malai kofta. Malai kofta is not very hot in taste; rather it has a creamy sweet taste. If you pair it with spicy paratha, you can get the individual taste of both the item and the combination is lip-smacking.

  1. Rumali Roti

When you have the soft pieces of roti taken with mouth-melting malai kofta, it creates magic on your taste buds. If you are visiting an Indian restaurant this weekend and want to have some Mughlai dish, you can try this combination. While preparing at the house, you can try malai kofta at home, but rumali roti requires certain expertise and tools, that it is difficult to prepare at home. You can order it from restaurants.

  1. Plain Rice

If you are not fond of flatbreads and prefer rice over it, you can have malai kofta with plain rice. If it is made of aromatic Dehradun rice, the combination will taste the best. For a Sunday brunch, you won’t need anything if you prepare rice and malai kofta.

  1. Kashmiri Pulao

This rice preparation tastes great as it is cooked with lots of vegetables and fruits. The sweet and sour taste of Kashmiri pulao is the superb delicacy of Kashmir. When it makes friendship with North Indian Malai Kofta, you get a complete Indian dish on your plate. Enjoy it while visiting a restaurant.

These are certain side dishes that you can have with malai kofta. You can be creative and have some other dishes too. As lots of vegetables and chicken is used to prepare this recipe, it tastes awesome. If you are a vegan, paneer malai kofta will make you the happiest.

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