The major key aspect of Vidmate App is that it is one of the most celebrated YouTube downloader which permits you in downloading YouTube videos from any part of YouTube. Not only downloading of the YouTube videos is done but also can wrap up many other things from the extent of this app. Moreover, this app is also very well generated in contributing most beneficial solutions for all kinds of issues involved while downloading any kind of videos in them. And thus, through the access of this Vidmate App you can easily accumulate the download of your most likely YouTube videos in the lower quality video pictures. And the most essential part of this app is it is specially optimized with various kinds of screen resolutions and thus through this you can very gently capture any kind of resolutions from it. Even the videos in this app can be very well changed to any format through operation of this app. Furthermore, Vidmate App is fully cleft for all Android Smartphones. And thus all of the progressive attributes are fully released for every single user absolutely for free.

Overall, you can notify the particular requirements of your Android device or Smartphone and select the best for it. And thus, after making a choice either for an android device or iOS then you are straightly directed to the app to download. This app enables the users in downloading YouTube videos in MP3 format with the wonderful music of Vidmate. This App very well functions and supports all the Android devices obtaining the requirement of about 2.3.4+ and above. This app is located in the category of Tools Apps and that too absolutely free of cost without pertaining to any amount or subscription fee on it. Now before moving forward let us just have a glance at the below prescribed attributes as to what is so special about Vidmate App.

Below given are some of the most Unique characteristics of Vidmate App, just check them out:

  • The most outstanding feature of this app is that it enables in saving your time and cope ups with lesser space on your device as it is a tiny version.
  • Assumptions of plenty of download of Youtube videos in the format of MP3 can be very easily done from Vidmate App without any struggle.
  • Complementary to this, this app never needs any extra provision of encoding process or plugin in it.
  • On the contrary, MP4 videos in Vidmate app are fully applicable in multiple resolutions in them whereby you can select the best of the smallest size of 360 pixels or the higher-definition of 1080 pixels in it.
  • Subsequently, download any of YouTube music videos directly as an MP3 file.
  • In the same way, obtain the exploration of YouTube videos in your most favorable categories such as Music or Loaded Movies.
  • Get the full videos uncovered with endorsed lists from our developers.
  • More importantly, you can also pause, cancel or resume a video download anytime you need.
  • Also, you can remove all the videos that you don’t need anymore.
  • Organize all your video downloads in one particular place for further usage.
  • Polished design allows you to focus on your videos with no disturbance of Ads in it.


In short, Vidmate App is one of the most propounding apps being accumulated by plenty of users all over the World and is very well optimized with its astounding attributes prescribed above which is gonna be extremely worthful to every single user fulfilling all their needs without any efforts involved. So get the instant download and installation of this app from 9apps store extremely free of cost without any issues and do share your massive experience by operating this app to the full extent.


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