Why Industries and Manufacturing Companies Need Visitor Management System?

Visitor Management System

A manufacturing company or industry requires more than a paper logbook or a friendly receptionist at the front door to welcome guests and manage staff. It is a challenging task that requires high efficiency, robust security and regular compliance for smooth and safe operations. Manufacturing offices and industries have a large amount of visitors and staff members that visit on daily basis. Therefore a safe and secure visitor management system is important for seamless check-ins, tracking visitors thus reducing the risk of any external harm to your organization.

Deploying visitor management system at industries and manufacturing companies can accomplish following challenges-
– Streamline guest check-in.
– Securing visitor data & photograph.
– Print visitor badges.
– Pre-registration.
– Host notifications.
– Increase over-all security of the company.

The receptionist of the manufacturing companies has to screen and register various people in a single day. Guests, Delivery people and staff members all are easily welcomed by visitor management solution. Visitor management systems also give access to an admin who can monitor every single information with the help of centralised dashboard. There are multiple entry gates at a company that need to be watched and this is done with the help of visitor management system. You can also acknowledge the customers with digital signature on NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement). The captured photograph and visitor information is secured safely in the database and can be tracked whenever required. It boosts security inside the premises and also keeps check on incoming and outgoing people and the timing of their visit. With the help of visitor management system the guests who have already visited your company earlier can pre-register just with his basic contact details. As soon as the guest enters the premises the host are notified about their guest’s presence via notifications on their device.

Therefore it’s time to upgrade your company facility to a modern, robust, unconventional and customisable visitor management system.

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