Why to Choose 9 GEMS Scholarship?

Why to Choose 9 GEMS Scholarship

Every deserving student has the right for the best of education. Scholarships provide a platform for students to receive quality education with the right kind of financial aid.

When a student receives a scholarship, it gives a boost to their academics and their confidence to pursue their dreams.

Scholarships in schools are offered to students based on their academic performance, but the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Abu Dhabi offers few of the best scholarships that concentrate on academics as well as talent and skills of the students.

GIIS is a reputed school in Abu Dhabi started by the Global Foundation Schools. The school offers CBSE curriculum with modern technologies and innovative thinking along with strong values and ethics that prepare the student to face the future dynamic global environment.

GIIS offers various scholarships for international students like the GIIS Super Star Scholarship, Global Citizen Scholarship, and The Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship which focuses on the academic excellence of students, but the exclusive one offered is the 9 GEMS scholarship. This scholarship is given to students for their exclusive and outstanding skills and talent.

9 GEMS scholarship is an award-winning scholarship concentrating on the skills and personality of the students and offers a holistic teaching framework ensuring the all-round development of students. This scholarship not only teaches students to think beyond academics, but also teaches them the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

The main focus of the 9 GEMS scholarship is to build strong values, discipline and character traits.

Why apply for 9 GEMS Scholarship?

Importance of values and discipline

Today most of the students lack values and discipline which makes them more susceptible to crimes and stress. To balance their academics and personal lives, GIIS follows a curriculum that gives importance to values and character building at a very young age to children. This creates a sense of responsibility and helps them to grow as confident citizens of the future.

Unique opportunity

Meritorious students good in academics always have immense scholarship opportunities, but students with immense talent and skills have very little opportunities to get the right kind of scholarships. 9 GEMS scholarship offers great opportunities to international students to hone their skills and personality.


Being awarded with prestigious scholarships helps students to be ahead in competition. 9 GEMS scholarship helps in recognizing a student’s true inner skill and potential. International students with the right kind of skills and winners in their areas should not miss their opportunity to apply to this scholarship.

Financial aid

Scholarships are majorly granted to students to ease the financial burden of parents. If you are a deserving candidate, grab this opportunity to fulfill your dreams without burdening your parents for financial support.

Holistic teaching

9 GEMS scholarship offers a unique teaching methodology that empowers a student to hone their overall personality and prepare them to be future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Basic features of the 9 GEMS Scholarship

  • This is an exclusive scholarship for international students who should be studying in GIIS. They may be existing or new students of the school.
  • The scholarship is offered for a period of one year.
  • This scholarship can be availed by students studying between 5th – 11th standards.
  • Students must be winners in any of the 9 GEMS skills that include sports, dance, music, instrumental music, literary competitions, martial arts, drawing and STEM.
  • The scholarship is given based on the category the student belongs to that is A, B, C respectively.
  • Students applying for this scholarship must be residents of UAE.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must have valid visa copies and Emirates ID.
  • The student should have won national or international recognition in the 9 GEMS skill areas or should have done some sort of community service or displayed extraordinary leadership skills.

How much scholarship amount the students are eligible for with 9 GEMS scholarship?

The 9 GEMS scholarship is granted to students based on their skills and talent. The scholarship amount depends upon the category the student belongs to.

  1. If the student is among the top three positions in the national level that is in India in any of the 9 skills then they belong to category A with a fee waiver of 20% on tuition fees.
  2. If the student is the winner in the competition at UAE level in any of the 9 skills then they belong to category B with a fee waiver of 15% on tuition fees.
  3. If the student is the winner in the inter school level in the 9 GEMS then they belong to category C with a 10% fee waiver on the tuition fees.

How do I apply for the 9 GEMS Scholarship?

Applying for scholarships offered by GIIS is quite simple.

To apply, you need to visit the school’s official website and find the application form in the scholarships tab.

Step 1: Then fill out the application and attest the documents which includes:

  • Past two years academic records
  • Visa copy and Emirates ID of parents and students
  • Achievement certificates

Step 2: Selected students will be intimated via email within ten working days.

Step 3: Formal assessment will be conducted.

Step 4: The final round of students will have one-on-one interviews if needed.

Step 5: The final scholarship deed is signed by the students and they are good to go.

As an international student, if you want to balance between academics and personality, and want to enhance the skills you are good at then apply for the 9 GEMS scholarship.

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