Women clothing trends for 2021

Women clothing trends

Here are the major trends that will be the rage this year!

The Era of Co-ords!

Matching sets/Matching separates have been big this season womens fashion as they were endorsed by every fashionsta on the gram.  Also known as co-ords, they are the ultimate trick in the guide for lazy girl fashion who wants to look chic and classy but don’t want to put a lot of effort into it. They are relatively easy to style too! You can pair up some statement pieces like a fur wrap or chunky contemporary jewelry to go with it and voila, your outfit matches the likes of fashion god Rihanna.

You can opt for matching separates with either monotone colors or that feature funky and vibrant prints. Whether you select a muted black set or fuchsia pink tropical print, you are bound to make a statementeverywhere in these stylish yet casual dresses. This trend is not restricted to a particular kind of temperature either; select a pastel pink breezy pant suit with a tailored silhouette in summer. When the temperature drops, you can wear knitted matching sets to elevate your style. The biggest styling trend we have seen is tucking in to emphasize the curves. Accessorizing with dainty gold jewelry is the most prevalent styling upgrade we’ve seen with these matchy-matchy outfits.

Return of the Tie and Dye Fiend!

Fashion seems to keep repeating itself in a loop after a few decades. Tie and dye is one of the major trends of 2020 from tie and dyed loungewear sets to tie and dyed wedding dresses. The young and hip, cool kids of tiktok started the fashion revolution and after that IT WAS EVERYWHERE! From clothes, shoes and accessories the trend was omnipresent womens fashion. From high end designers adding tie and dye on the runways to people DIY-ing their old T-shirts in the bathroom, the trend was inescapable and we are here for it!

Pastels, millennial pink/green, and colors were among the most used colors with the fad. People dyed their masks, scrunchies and even intimates. The tie and dye trend has a unique homey and handmade fell to it and this is what makes it the most special. Particularly in the current era, when vintage stuff and thrifting is cool, tie and dye clothes make the perfect trend.

Loungewear! Loungewear and more Loungewear

Loungewear was particularly popular in 2020 and bound be more seen in womens clothing 2021, owing to the ongoing pandemic. In these unprecedented times, people are trying to avoid crowds and gatherings and sensibly practicing social distancing. Gone are the times when we would need a sparkly party wear dresses for womens, it is now the time of comfy and cute loungewear.

Since all academic institutions are closed and people are now working from home now, loungewear makes the perfect sense. It isn’t dressy or stuffy but still gives you that sense of polished look. When you are trying but not trying too hard. It is the ultimate combination of style and comfort we have seen in recent times. You are at the end of the day wearing sweatpants but still lounge wear is the boujee version of that.

  Shackets are the new IT thing!

A shacket is mainly a cross between a jacket and shirt. Deemed as the major trend by high profile luxury brands, shackets are here to stay. There are infinite ways you can style one and still look effortlessly chic. Shackets are one of the most coveted current fashion trends of the time and are seen basically everywhere. Especially for midseason layering in current fashion trends March and October, a shacketis the perfect fall and spring accessory.

They give off an extremely luxurious vibe and you can pull of these with literally anything. Mom jeans, flannel shirt and a monotone shacked is now considered as the perfect fall #OOTD! Most are pocketed with check designs to keep that vintage feel going on.

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Masks- A necessary accessory

Since COVID, Masks are part and parcel of every outfit no matter you are going. Even you are on the hunt for a new fashion dress, a matching mask doesn’t hurt. In fact, it is the best accessory! Keeping you safe yet exhibiting a stylish flair. You can get embroidered, lace or sequined ones if your hearts desire.

The best one we’ve seen so far is a matching one with your outfit giving it a classy feel. Some have even adorned their masks with ruffles, bows and slogans. Yes! A mask is not just a mask now. You can make a political statement with it. A simple black mask is the most elegant of them all. Even bejeweled and peraled ones are available in the market now.

Wear that confidence!

No matter what you wear, Always wear it with confidence because ultimately it is what will make you stand out. Fashion is an extension of yourself and your individuality and it only works if you are comfortable in your own kin. The magic is in you and not in the flashy clothes and bits and bobs.

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