Bone Marrow Transplant

All that you need to know about Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)

You have probably heard about the process of bone marrow transplant, also known as BMT. It is one of the most complicated surgical processes, though not much risk is attached to it when done by a team of experts. However it is a long drawn process to wait for a bone marrow transplant, since finding a donor for the ailing patient, might prove to be a cumbersome task.

If you know someone who needs to undergo a BMT, then it is best to take the person to the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in india since this is something that you cannot take a risk with. There are a lot of intricacies that you need to know about. Here are some basic details about what bone marrow is, what a BMT is and other necessary information:

  1. Bone marrow is a type of tissue that is found inside our bones and hence the name bone marrow. It is soft in nature and spongy to feel. It is usually dark red in colour. One of the most important functions of the bone marrow is to produce blood cells within our body. Blood is the agent that carries oxygen to our different organs which keeps out body functioning. Thus a trouble with the bone marrow can lead to a collapse of the entire body system. Bone marrow can regenerate and hence when found a match it can be transplanted from one person to another. It can also produce cells of different composition as and when necessary by the body.
  2. A BMT process or a bone marrow transplant can take place in two types. One where the bone marrow is taking from a person, it is filtered and purified and returned to the same person for regeneration or it is given to another person who needs a bone marrow transplant. It is thus the process of taking bone marrow cells from one person to another or returned to the same person in question. It is extremely helpful in arresting the spread of Leukaemia and other fatal diseases that involve tackling a damage to the bone marrow cells. There are quite a few reputed hospitals for bone marrow transplant in india which you should opt for when undergoing this process.
  3. One of the most important questions that patients and family members of the patient ask is that- how do we find a bone marrow donor? The donor can either be a sibling who is a match or a parent. However there can be unrelated donors as well who might turn out to be a match whose names can be found in donor registries.
  4. Bone marrow transplant is a long process that can last till about seven days. Hence make sure that your house is taken care of while you are away and all your near and dear ones should be informed.
  5. There are various risk factors that are attached to this procedure, but if you have a good team of doctors you are most likely to be in the clear if your body accepts the received bone marrow cells.

Keep these essential points in mind since they will help you to stay abreast of things. All the best.

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