Facts about liver cirrhosis treatment in India

liver cirrhosis treatment

As far as the main objective of liver cirrhosis treatment in India is concerned, it means further damage to the liver has to be prevented. During the course of the disease permanent damage to the liver cells is observed and at the same time considerable scarring of the liver is also felt. This is a major disorder that is becoming all the more common with 10 lakh patient succumbing to this disorder on an annual basis. Because of the influence of Hepatitis C and B the incidence of this disorder occurs. Due to the presence of a fatty liver tissue and if you are too much into alcohol the chances of this disease increase considerably. There is a paradigm shift in the cause of this disease as you can term it as a disorder that occurs due to the changes in the lifestyle of an individual.

Once again once you are aware of the main causes of this disorder you can easily rectify it by the course of medication. Some of the symptoms associated with this disorder are easy bruising, loss of appetite, itching, yellowish of the skin colour as well. At the same time the body of the patient does go on to witness a lot of complications as well. Coupled with the fact vaginal infections along with a host of other disorders are common. At the same time one out of three patients do not witness any sort of symptoms as well.

The worst part is that with this disorder it can lead to other complications of the liver as well. Sometimes the cause of a cirrhotic level could also be influenced by this. Now you need to understand the main causes of this disorder

If your consumption of alcohol is excessive

If you consume alcohol more than the prescribed quantity during the course of the day the chances of liver disease increases by as large as 30 %. In relation to the quantity of alcohol that you need to consume it tends to differ from one person to another. As per research inputs women should not go on to drink more than one drink a day and when it is men it should not be more than a couple of drinks a day. If this exceeds the amount the chances of a fatty liver disease does increase considerably.

Inherited disorders

 There are some inherited disorders that do increase the chance of liver cirrhosis. An example in this regard would be Wilson’s disease where patients do absorb more iron from their food. In the long run it does seem to be a bit problematic, as it could go on to harm the various organs of the body.

In addition to this a lot more liver complications can arise as well. with the damaged liver more water and salt in the body would be stored. This does appear beneath the lungs along with the skin. All this occurs due to the pulling force of gravity.

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