Graffiti Removal – A Necessity

Graffiti Removal

Of course, graffiti must be removed. Who would not agree, maybe the person(s) responsible for it. Graffiti is a criminal act, totally unacceptable. Whether the subject is correct or true. Nevertheless, no one has the right to write on public or government property.

In our society, graffiti is seen as plain vandalism. No matter how creative it is, it cannot be condoned. It is an invasion and needs to be erased from the walls and from the society.

Will it stay Permanent?

First things first. You need to find out if the graffiti was made with paint or with permanent markers. Sometimes all it takes for the graffiti to be cleaned off is a pressure washer, or simply just water. However, you might need something more robust if the “art piece” is made from permanent ink.

Graffiti Cleaning Strategies:

Depending upon the surface the graffiti is made, your cleaning methods will be based. If the surface is a smooth one, well you’re in luck. Removal of graffiti is easiest on smooth surfaces. Such surfaces can be glass (windows) or metal (street signs).

In order to get the surface looking nice and clean, take a dab of cleanser and test it in a corner of the surface. If you notice the paint is starting to come off easily, then you won’t have to buy some harsh chemicals. Just put some elbow grease and that should take care of the job. Scrub away with a cleaner, or with soap and water, till no specks of the vandalism is seen.

That wasn’t so hard, right? But what if the surface is not smooth. What if it’s a rough one.  In such cases, it can become especially tough trying to remove graffiti from such surfaces. The work becomes much more difficult. The height of vandalism is when graffiti is on to such surfaces such as rough and porous material . If removing graffiti leaves an ugly mark on the brick wall, it makes more sense to paint the whole wall. The job is done better, in less time and fewer steps. Scraping the wall is tedious and the results are not as desired.

Calling a professional for the job is the easiest and safest way to wipe off the vandalism from your wall. However, there are easy solutions that you can administer yourself and try to remove the evidence of vandalism on your property.

The best time and chance you have of removing the ink or paint off your property is when the graffiti is still wet. As it starts to dry, it will become tougher to remove the marks.


Graffiti removal can be taken care of, either by professional help or with a DIY solution. It might be annoying but it is essential that you have the graffiti removed at your earliest for your own good before it gets more difficult to erase.

The sooner you get towards cleaning the graffiti, the more effective you will find it to restore your property back to its former self.

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