Let’s Start With The Basic Of It All: What Is 9Apps And Who Needs It?

9Apps fast download

9Apps could be considered as a counterpart of the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. 9Apps is basically a storage unit from where you can download different apps by the famous 9Apps fast download method. You will get any app that you want to download in this wide playground filled with a diverse variety of apps. Everybody needs it – we all keep downloading some or the other app to explore and fulfil our boredom which is why you need this huge app store of 9Apps.

How safe is it to use 9Apps?

You are not the first person to wonder about the legibility of the app and you won’t be the last. The truth is that 9Apps has not had the smoothest journey from the beginning and having to deal with complaints that they were putting in viruses into client’s computers. However, even in spite of some unfortunate cases, 9Apps is as safe to use as Google Play is. If any malfunction comes, it comes from the app that has been downloaded from 9Apps and not from the app store itself.

Why should we use 9Apps and not Google Play?

You might as well be wondering that you already have Google Play and why you should bother with this new app store with its9Apps fast download method. The first pro that you should consider is the amount of time for updates to be released. Whenever a new update is released of any app, Google Play takes a day or more to push that update through to the app. However, this app does no such thing – they will push the updates within 3 to 4 hours so that you will always be at the top of your game through quick app updates.

9Apps also doubles up as a site for price comparisons. Whenever you go ahead in any shopping site and search for a product, what 9Apps does is it compiles a list of sites where the product is available with its price (complete with discounts and sales available at the time) and pushes the list through your phone so that you do not have to work extra.

The next best feature of the app store is the 9Apps fast download feature. Unlike Google Play, 9Apps allows users to download the core package of the app or known as the apk version. The benefit of this method of download is that you do not have to go online again and again even if you have uninstalled the app – you can just extract the full game from the apk package and access the app without any Internet.

What are the device requirements for downloading 9Apps? The only parameter that you need to follow when thinking of installing 9Apps is that your mobile should have a base of Android operating system. So, if you are the owner of an Android phone, go ahead and enjoy the best of all the worlds with 9Apps.

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