Weight of Titanium knee replacement

Weight of Titanium knee replacement

With time, medical technology has evolved tremendously helping patients suffering from various types of ailment and disabilities to get proper, accurate and affordable treatment. Those suffering from extreme joint pain can now get immediate respite at the best hospitals all over the country. They now have plenty of options to choose from to avail long lasting relief. It is also possible now to restore normal moment of the knees, elbow and the hips. Young patients are seen to be increasingly seeking joint replacement surgeries. Athletes who are prone to getting their joints abused are finding full knee replacement to be a wonderful solution. But the question that is asked by many patients is the weight of titanium knee replacement.

About titanium knee replacement

With knee replacement surgery cost India getting affordable, patients do have the opportunity to seek titanium knee replacement. Titanium is regarded to be an elemental metal, which means, this is not man-made. This metal does not corrode and is of low density. Among all metals, it is said to have the lowest strength to weight ratio, thus making it useful in medical applications. The weight of pure titanium is lesser by around 45% when compared to steel. But it is equally strong. Being a corrosion resistant, lightweight and strong material, it is found to be just perfect to be used for joint replacements. The material gets melted down for creating prosthetic knee and cast into components. This will form replacement knee joint.

Weight of titanium knee replacement

One of the major benefits for using titanium is its lightweight nature. However, the individual knee replacement weight is likely to vary depending on the patient and knee size. But it is expected to weigh just a few pounds. No single answer is present for the question. Every knee prosthetic is said to be constructed individually to meet the recipient’s exact measurements. Just like every individual’s knees are found to be unique and different, so are each titanium knee replacement.

Success of the procedure

Those who have been recommended to undergo knee surgery are likely to have plenty of questions in their minds. Will they be in a position to walk again, the recovery time taken, will the activities be limited, physical therapy types to be undertaken and much more.

Although medical technology has made advances in leaps and bounds, the successful outcome can only be determined by the patient’s willingness and attitude towards carrying out the necessary therapy. The patient needs to consult the physician and follow proper and regular exercise regimen to ensure enjoying quick recovery and positive results. At the same time, it is also important for the patient to identify a good mentor or trainer having positive attitude from knee surgery recovery. The leading hospital is sure to offer affordable knee replacement cost in India and also provide proper and timely consultations to the patients seeking the procedure. It is only a positive approach and consulting the best surgeon can help the person to get back to his normal activities and enjoy pain free life.

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