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Planning a beach wedding? Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida has tips

A beach wedding can be a fun idea and it will certainly be a memorable occasion for your friends and family as well. Planning a beach wedding is not a difficult thing and here’s how you can get it done.

Timing is important, says Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida

Getting the timing right is essential if you are planning a beach wedding. The month should be thought about well because a lot will depend on the weather. Monsoons and summer months are to be avoided because there will be too much humidity which will prevent you and your guests from enjoying the wedding as much as possible. The time of the day is important too. The best time to choose would be anytime that the sun is not too harsh because this is going to be great for pictures. The sunset is the time of the day when you can take the most amazing pictures though. So choosing the time of the event according to that would be a good idea.

Wedding outfit

According to Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida, beach wedding calls for appropriate wedding outfits, whether it is for the bride, the groom or the bridesmaids. Too-heavy wedding dresses are a simple no-no because you wouldn’t want to put too much effort in something as simple as walking. Also, choose bridesmaid dresses with care as well.

Makeup and hair

If a beach wedding is something you are planning, then paying extra attention to makeup and hair is something you should do. Consider the sun and the fact that you may need a lot of sunscreen. Also, choose makeup which can withstand the heat and the dust. Waterproof makeup is obviously the choice, but the hair should also be something you think about. Make sure that your hairdo will be able to take all the wind and the sand, and still somehow make you look like a million bucks.

Tell your guests

Informing your guests beforehand that you would be doing a beach wedding and they should dress accordingly is something you must do.

Go local

According to Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida, the best thing to do when choosing vendors and catering services for your beach wedding is to go local. Choose vendors who are local and have a loyal fan following locally. This will ensure that you won’t have to worry about logistics and you will probably get great service as well if you choose to go local.

Have a powder room

This is very important. Renting out a powder room is very essential for beach weddings. You need bathrooms for yourself and your guests because no one knows who is going to need it. People may also want to touch up on their makeup and hair before and after the event so having a powder room is essential.

Beach weddings are a fantastic idea and can add a dash of excitement to your D-Day. Take a lot of time in planning it and the results will show themselves. You can be assured that your beach wedding is going to be a fantastic one.

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