4 Secret Tricks That Will Make You A Skilled Dog Photographer

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Dogs have been living with us for thousands of years though dogs are pet animals it acts as a

friend, stress reliever, a blessing to your lonely time and what not to name. They make us happy all the time, and their absence can be felt with tremendous silence. Seeing their picture with cute little face make us overwhelmed with happiness every single time. These pictures may look cute, but it’s not easy to take their photograph as it seems. They are notorious and will not give you a chance to take perfect shots unless you know how to deal with them. So don’t worry, here are 4 secrets hacks that will make you a skilled dog photographer.

Think like a Dog

If you have a pet dog, you must know how they feel, react and respond to your behaviour. They are quiet when they feel comfortable so if you’re going to take a photo of a street or stranger dog, let him smell you so that stranger feel disappear and he becomes a friend. Kneel down to his level and make eye contact to get a well-required pose.

Equipment and editing software

Equipment and editing software is the most important aspect of a perfect photo. You can use both DSLR and Mirrorless Camera, because of the compact size, mirrorless cameras are a handy and perfect fit for dog photography. Most people think that editing is not required for pet photography but some simple techniques in editing like changing photo to more natural, using the curve to enhance the contrast by making slight “S” are helpful in making the photo look more natural. You can also increase the saturation level to 5-25 for some more blend. Dog photographer Essex uses his creative genius and software to make fabulous images.

Dog attention grabber

Dogs love treats. Offer some biscuits or foods they’ll easily make your way to them. Talk to them, call by their names, even use whistling and toys to grab their attention and you’ll get the perfect photo you want.

Shutter speed is important

Pet animals continuously move here and there, so shutter speed is important for pet photography. Higher shutter speed makes good images, but it captures less light. It’s more advisable to use natural outdoor light for higher shutter speed photos. If indoor photo is required, take photos near the window and maintain a healthy balance between shutter speed and natural light for a good shot.

Pet photography may be hard, but once you master the skills of playing with them, it becomes easy to assure the rest. Keep in mind the above-mentioned points while taking the photos and with continuous practice, you’ll be a skilled dog photographer. You can also learn many good tricks like these from dog photographer Essex.

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